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by Cetec at 10:37 AM
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Server up and running again!

As promised earlier, this is the second step in the preparation of Minecraft 1.8 and the our 3 years in the Minecraft community celebration. We've managed to have our current hardware upgraded to a newer and more reliable server in the long term.

The new server specifications are:
  • Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 Quad Core CPU - 3.4 GHz
  • 32 GB ECC RAM
  • 256 GB SSD dedicated for Minecraft
  • 2 TB HDD in RAID 1 for daily backups
The hardware upgrade is estimated to begin at 12:00 CEST, which means all our servers will be in put down during the transfer to the new hardware. This may take up to a few hours to complete due to the size of all our worlds. We're hoping to see some overall improvements on our current Minecraft servers and it also makes it possible for us to expand with more gamemodes at a later point. Happy easter everyone!

I will keep everyone...
by Cetec at 5:54 PM
(153 Views / 0 Likes)
We have decided that by the end of this month (30th of April) our old world (before Minecraft 1.7) will be removed. This will be our first step in the preparation of the Minecraft 1.8 update (which you can read about here). There is still more than two weeks before the removal of the old world, so gather your items and move them to the new world if you would like to save them. The Dynmap will be updated shortly with a map covering our old world again, if you need to check where your old home might be hiding at!

We got a few more happy news to announce later on to prepare ourself for the upcoming launch of Minecraft 1.8 and of course our 3 years in the Minecraft community. Stay tuned!

Remember than your are only allowed to take your own stuff in the old world, all other items will be considered as griefing.
by GamerGuppy at 2:13 AM
(115 Views / 1 Likes)
If you've been on the shoutbox lately, you'll certainly have seen some of the staff discussing the upcoming MC 1.8 update. In this "Behind the Scenes" I'll attempt to shed some light on how generally our server manages with updates, the impacts of the 1.8 update and most importantly, what consequences this has for you as MC player.
This is going to be a long, semi in-depth story so get comfortable, have yourself a drink and get ready to test your endurance!

New features!
With MC 1.8 being the next mayor Minecraft update we can expect tons of new features; New ores and materials such as Diorite, Granite and Andesite. But also many new commandblock commands and tags for map makers, new gamerules (finally we can disable the many deathmessages in the Minigame World). and a brandnew spectator game mode. Also a new mob has been added; The Endermite. Furthermore slimeblocks and iron trapdoors can be crafted and us staff can use Barrier blocks to prevent access to...
by Cetec at 11:29 PM
(126 Views / 2 Likes)
A new month of voting is here! Let's keep expanding on those voting sites out there and remember to vote! We will have some new features added to the server this month!

Minecraft Servers

:diamond: These voting sites are not part of an april fool! :diamond:
by Cetec at 10:32 PM
(663 Views / 2 Likes)
Most of you already know that we are in progress with another version of Feed The Beast, called Direwolf20. This would be the fourth industrial server we are running so far, Tekkit, FTB Ultimate and FTB Unleashed. However, we've never really got any feedback from the community regarding these industrial servers. So we like to know which version seem to be the most promising for us to have as a secondary server, beside our current Survival server. Please take your time and vote on the poll!

I will post some short information below about the two modpackages that seem to be the most promising (frequent modification and Minecraft updates). You are of course free to choose another one if you'd like, if so specify in the comments!

Tekkit - A new frontier
- Galacticraft (Spacestations, Moon and Mars)
- Atomic Science
- MineFactory Reloaded
- Balkons Weapon Mod
- Dimensional Doors
- Require less resources on the client to run (Less mods...