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by Cetec at 9:52 AM
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We've decided to remove the possibility to use the /warp command, meaning you will no longer be able create or remove warps. This is because of the system is not private for each player and all the created warps are visible for everyone who who have access to the command. Due to this we have decided to double the amount of /home set (or /sethome) for the affected people.

Remember that you are still able to access your warps for a limited time, to let you exchange your warps with the /home set (or /sethome) command.
by Cetec at 11:25 PM
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We've changed to another RTS (Real Time Ticket System) ingame to hopefully improve our response time by letting us with more details in each ticket. We should now have a proper ticket system running so each staff member are able to claim and follow up their claimed ticket properly.

Important: Do not use this as a chat system with the Staff members and remember to follow up the ticket you have created!

Here are the commands you may need:
  • /ticket open [Message] - To open a ticket!
  • /ticket read - To check your open tickets!
by Cetec at 11:58 PM
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We are back on our dedicated box again and the faulty parts has been replaced. Might be some minor updates in the upcoming days.

More delightful news, in case you haven't noticed yet the new commands available for normal player and donators on our servers:
/titles - Grants you the ability to change to a different title ingame
/donator - Shows a list of useful stuff ingame and the use of the Trails (purely cosmetic)

We are currently looking for another web hosting company as we want someone who could provide us with more space and SSL connection to the site. This one will most likely be located in the middle of Europe, gaining some improvements to the US.

Last, as mentioned before there will be a third world and there will most likely be wars. This is one of the reasons why the /titles command have been added ingame, to enhance the...
by Cetec at 1:01 AM
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Last: Server is up and running after being unavailable due to faulty hardware. Both servers (Survival & FTB) has been moved to another location meanwhile our dedicated box will be transferred to a service facility to find and replace the faulty components.

As of an compensation of the recent downtime you will receive 50 Loyalty Points when you visit the server at some point during next week! Remember that this will only be available between 4th of August and 10th of August.

Update 4: The power supply has been replaced. However, it's currently down due to other difficulties with the components on the dedicated box. Waiting for more information on this.

Update 3: Unfortunately, there is some sad news coming up. I have just received the information that our dedicated box will no longer start and the issue is located at its power supply....
by Cetec at 10:48 PM
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We are happy to announce the Pre-Release of our new Industrial server, running FTB Direwolf20 (1.6.4). It was a tough competition between Tekkit: A new frontier and FTB Direwolf20 and we bet the best modpackage won the vote! All modifications included in Direwolf20 are enabled and we are running the most recent and latest version of it.

What does a Pre-Release mean? We've decided to release our Industrial server with some minor stuff missing (these will be added on the upcoming days) to the public! Because we know most of you are very excited to start playing! However, since we are unsure about the stability of the server in general, as there is a lot of different modifications and plugins that now have to work together, therefore have we decided to make this server a Pre-Release. Note that this is not a different release than any other of our old Industrial servers, just that we thought a Pre-Release was a better and more suitable name for the new server release, as we...