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by Cetec at 12:00 AM
(146 Views / 1 Likes)
The staff members of IcicleCraft wishes everyone a great Happy New Year!

Don't forget to use the Holiday coupon on our store (25% off) by entering "iciclecraft2018". The coupon will end 8th of January!
by astrotrain24 at 1:28 AM
(135 Views / 1 Likes)
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land,
Not a single player stirred, anticipated sleep at hand,
Eager for the snowy dawn to rise,
Hopeful of presents, a great surprise!

The season of Winter had come at last,
The members of Iciclecraft wished it not to pass,
For many snow fights, angels, and forts were to be done,
From the first morning light till the setting of the sun!

Quickly, quickly! The players rushed to play,
That silly game called Minecraft, every hour of the day,
Even after a whole new year, more creations were built,
Too many to count without feeling some guilt!

The great Devilish hole of 600 meters,
Lay dormant and hollow, yet retained windy whispers,
Up in the highlands by the Tower of Zot,
Many redstone contraptions were to be planned, perhaps an evil plot?

Dragon's Arena, all readied for battle,
Only some of her builds however, especially the Creative world castle,
But be sure to fill yourself with some more cheer,
Read her comics, you can check...
by astrotrain24 at 4:48 AM
(168 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello my friends!

Time has passed and another anniversary has arrived, that being the 4th year of the 1.7 Survival World. Much has happened from last year's annversary.

During the cold winter months while we gathered by the warmth of the fire Bavu Claus appeared out of nowhere to bring out a Christmas surprise! As the months flew by, ICers began to get involved in more and more contests and events on and away from the server, including some Cards Against Humanity games ;) .

Winter gave way to Spring, and thus Iciclecraft turned 6 years old, surely ranking among the oldest continuing servers of its kind. And while the server...
by Animated_Dragon at 10:24 AM
(205 Views / 4 Likes)
Hello faithful friends of iciclecraft!

I have been thinking on making this contest for a while and now it really happens. So say goodbye to the shore and go out on the sea with a 'Ohoj mates!

Where does the contest take place?
The contest takes place in the creative world (on the maze area if the name haven't changed)

What is the contest about?
In this contest we are building ships, airships and submarines.
In this case you are allowed to build 3 builds (one of each type of ship. And if you build one of each you get bigger change to win.)
The theme is old/fantasy/steampunk. (not modern)
Rules and such will be in books on the contest area (they will be in front of the spawn point not hard to miss)

Use your imagination so much as you can. (hint: take a look at pictures and others builds to get...
by Cetec at 10:30 PM
(307 Views / 3 Likes)
The IcicleCraft staff team would like to welcome our newest recruit, @Omio to the Moderator position!
We have seen his dedication towards the server and its community and we know that he will be an excellent addition to the current staff team.

You can find the current staff team here!
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