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by astrotrain24 at 6:53 PM
(154 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This is the follow-up for the previous thread in which the most popular choice was Cards Against Humanity. Above here is another poll to indicate which weekend(s) work out best for the most amount of members. For this poll you have 2 choices as to maximize availability and the chance for multiple game sessions. The sooner we can get everyone's availability the sooner we can get to playing! ;)

by astrotrain24 at 3:07 AM
(250 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey peeps!

Unfortunately the previous event (Labyrinth Minigame) didn't end up being completed or worked on too much, so will try to go for a different approach this time ;)

This period of time, I am proposing an out-of server event for everyone to participate in if they are available. Here are the suggestions, I will also create a poll to use for them:

  • Cards Against Humanity - I have already done this with several of our players, and many of us have "matured" a bit more, so why not add a few laughs ;)
  • Steam - I most likely would not be able to do this myself since I doubt steam could run on my laptop in its current condition, but playing Overwatch, TF2, Terraria, etc with other members would be possible ideas.
  • Iciclecraft Minigame Expeditionary Team - we would collectively go to another location to play minigames (no advertising allowed though :3) for a "short" period of time for @Cetec 's sake.
  • Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome!...
by astrotrain24 at 6:45 PM
(165 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey peeps!

For anyone who is not on our Discord server or is currently wondering about the changes to their Ontime and Loyalty Points, here is an update from @GamerGuppy :

There have also been a few other fixes from February 22, 2017:
  • Elytra flying with fireworks
  • /lp shop is functioning now properly, and rewards are summoned in upon purchase
  • /statue command now allows to change pose even after an armorstand statue is summoned in already
  • blue shulker boxes are now protected too (LWC)
-IC Staff

P.S. If anyone would like to join the IC Discord server and have not done so yet, you can join by...
by astrotrain24 at 2:23 AM
(405 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This event will be held for the week of February 12-18, 2017!!!

As promised, the day has finally arrived to announce the January-February Event! This event shall be the community build for a Herobrine Maze game. The gist will be that we will create a massive maze, full of all kinds of obstacles, booby traps, dead ends, tunnels, and anything you can think of. Once this is complete we will turn it into the Maze game (some of you who are older might think of Prophunt, however this is slightly different).

The game will comprise of 2+ players at a time and consist of two teams. The first team would be the Players, and the second team would be the Zombies. The Zombies would begin with only one player, and their goal would be to turn all the other Players into Zombies. After a Player has been killed by the Zombies, they turn into one and help the other Zombies to find and kill the remaining Players. The Players can win the game, however,...
by Omio at 4:12 PM
(368 Views / 4 Likes)
Alright, so the short of it is that I want to hear - from all of you - your best memory of IcicleCraft. The rules are simple enough:
  • Don't break rules with the telling of the memory.
  • Don't include a memory that broke rules.
  • Quality over length; grammar, spelling, and word order will help.
I may need to ask for translators for parts where a lot of Swedish gets involved, and I'll be stepping back from this not-quite-competition. There will be prizes to be won, from my own hands, but as to what those prizes are, well... ...you'll just have to recount the story to find out, now, won't you? I will spoil this much: All who participate get a prize.

The due date is February 9th, 23:59:59 EST (GMT-5) - or, in other words, anytime before February 10th. This is non-negotiable. Other than that, have fun, and I can't wait to see all the stories everyone brings. =3

Example stories:

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