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by astrotrain24 at 11:09 PM
(277 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This is a follow-up thread for the anniversary events announcement made earlier this month. Above will be listed future weekend dates for which to host these events in order to guarantee the most amount of player availability. Select the best option for your availability. After the final date has been decided a second follow-up thread will be created with the specified date and more details regarding the events themselves.

by astrotrain24 at 8:39 PM
(365 Views / 1 Likes)
Hello my dear friends,

Behold! This month of May marks Iciclecraft's 6 year anniversary, truly a remarkable feat! As the years have gone by, countless adventures, friendships, and experiences alike have occurred. The 1.9 World is already just over a year old, and her big sister the 1.7 World still remains for those who dwell within it and as a symbol of our accomplishments and cooperation.

However my friends, this past year has not been without its struggles. Arguably, this has been our toughest year, with a great horde of our companions drifting away from server activity, leaving many holes in the hearts of our members as the server seems to be left in icy stillness, void of the warmth of its denizens.

But know this: so long as there is at least one of us that still remains, the server will not die out. Now more than ever this community needs its members; the game itself may one day pass but our bonds are eternal and shall not be broken with the sands of time....
by Cetec at 8:18 PM
(346 Views / 2 Likes)
A new month of voting is here... 10 days late...! We have updated the voting page with a new site since Minestatus are no longer available. You can get up to 300 gold and 9 loyalty points by voting on all 3 sites each day!
Can it get any better?


In case you didn't notice, we have also a new background thanks to @jelkaa! Amazing art as always!
by astrotrain24 at 6:53 PM
(168 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This is the follow-up for the previous thread in which the most popular choice was Cards Against Humanity. Above here is another poll to indicate which weekend(s) work out best for the most amount of members. For this poll you have 2 choices as to maximize availability and the chance for multiple game sessions. The sooner we can get everyone's availability the sooner we can get to playing! ;)

by astrotrain24 at 3:07 AM
(294 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey peeps!

Unfortunately the previous event (Labyrinth Minigame) didn't end up being completed or worked on too much, so will try to go for a different approach this time ;)

This period of time, I am proposing an out-of server event for everyone to participate in if they are available. Here are the suggestions, I will also create a poll to use for them:

  • Cards Against Humanity - I have already done this with several of our players, and many of us have "matured" a bit more, so why not add a few laughs ;)
  • Steam - I most likely would not be able to do this myself since I doubt steam could run on my laptop in its current condition, but playing Overwatch, TF2, Terraria, etc with other members would be possible ideas.
  • Iciclecraft Minigame Expeditionary Team - we would collectively go to another location to play minigames (no advertising allowed though :3) for a "short" period of time for @Cetec 's sake.
  • Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome!...
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