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by Cetec at 11:49 PM
(738 Views / 2 Likes)
Evening! During the update at 8:00 PM CEST today we implemented our new permission system as well as updating all our plugins. It's quite the same as our old one, but with a few new permissions and completely new kits for each ranks. To make it easier to understand these changes, the new ranks will be posted below:

Normal Ranks
  • Tourist Rank (Default)
  • Citizen Rank (3h of total gameplay)
  • Trusted Rank (18h of total gameplay)
Donator Ranks
  • Iron Rank
  • Gold Rank
  • Diamond Rank
  • Emerald Rank
*Reminder that the total gameplay might change in the future.

We also have...
by Cetec at 8:56 PM
(364 Views / 1 Likes)
Greetings! Tomorrow at 11 AM CEST, the server will be taken offline for up to one hour. This is as our current hoster is upgrading their backup hardware on our dedicated server. This allow us to keep more and larger backups for a more predictable environment.

Meanwhile I'll be updating our plugins and upgrading to a new developer build. Besides that I'm still working with our Wiki pages. If you'd like something to be added into our Wiki, send me or any staff a shout.

I'll keep everyone posted in this thread about the upgrades.

11:12 (CEST)
Backup hardware has been changed at our hoster.

11:18 (CEST)
Currently moving all our old backups to their new system.

11:36 (CEST)
Transfer completed.

11:42 (CEST)
Server opened back up to the public.
by Cetec at 11:58 AM
(417 Views / 0 Likes)
We are currently facing problems with our DNS (Domain Name System) server over at our host. In the meanwhile connect using our alternative IP;

Our DNS server should now be working again. Connect using; mc.iciclecraft.net
by Cetec at 10:04 AM
(369 Views / 0 Likes)
Let's get a good start this month on Minestatus and MCSL and remember you can earn up to 140 Crystals a day from voting for us on these sites!

Vote using the following links:

by Shiv at 2:14 AM
(925 Views / 4 Likes)
Hello fellow members of IcicleCraft!
As many of you may know, our 1.3 world is up and running! Personally, the new spawn looks amazing. Great job, Bavu and Karlziv! Now, to go over a few cool features here at spawn. First off, we have the main spawn building. Here you will find the basic rules of the server and a small back story, as well as portals to the other spawns in the old world. As you proceed out, you will notice the statues of the staff members. There is also a small mob zoo and market in the main courtyard. Outside of the walled area you will find many marvelous wonders made by the staff. You will be taken on a blocky journey to Paris with the Eiffel Tower and an adventure to New York City with the Empire State Building. Dine like royalty at the 5-Star restaurant Beefy Bavu. You will also find the Spawn Shop. This shop sells and buys just about everything in the game. There is also a portal room readily available for you so you can teleport...
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