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by astrotrain24 at 7:40 AM
(462 Views / 6 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This thread is to officially announce that the creative build contest will be held on October 28-30, 2016!! And in accordance with the timing, there will also be a Halloween theme ;)

Now to get down to business! Here are the specifics:


  • The event shall take place in the creative world. Each plot size will be roughly between 25x25 & 30x30 (will edit later upon confirming which size will be best for the area we use). You may only build within your plots and the builds should reflect the theme as best as possible.
  • You will have all 3 days (28th, 29th, 30th) to plan and build your structure before we restrict building in order to prevent last minute changes. The restriction will occur at roughly 12 am CET (6 pm EST).
  • Your build will be judged by the staff. While each staff will have their own opinions, we will be looking for the following...
by Cetec at 12:41 PM
(200 Views / 1 Likes)
A new month of voting is here! Remember to vote each day to earn Loyalty Points and ingame Gold!

by astrotrain24 at 9:40 AM
(301 Views / 2 Likes)
Hey guys!

This is just a follow-up thread (apologize for taking a wee bit longer to make) to find out the best weekend for all of us to partake in the event. Please use the poll to indicate which two weekends (i.e. you have the ability to choose from two of the listed options) you are most available from!

Side notes:
  • For the weekend of October 28 - 30, this would allow a possible Halloween theme, however whether or not you guys would prefer a theme or just a general building contest (usually implying whomever used the best mix of details, materials, etc) is up to you all and I highly recommend you post your thoughts on this ;)
  • I am only putting in the first weekend of November just in case, however hopefully if we try to do bi-monthly events then we have a designated period of two months so atm I'm trying to keep this to a September-October period of time.
  • More information about the build contest will come in due time, but leave...
by astrotrain24 at 6:09 AM
(257 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey guys!

Forums has been quite inactive as of late but hopefully this will soon be over ;) As some of you have been noticing over the past few days, there has been a random box on the right-hand side of the screen indicating a "boatrace" with other minute information. But now you will all receive an explanation.

As was promised in the 5th Anniversary Events Thread, there was going to be a final surprise, and that is the Ice Rink which you see here in the thumbnail today ;) The original one was destroyed on my part due to trying to relocate it whilst having a horrible internet connection at the time a few months ago, which I apologize for and take all responsibility for doing thusly. However it has been rebuilt better than ever thanks to the efforts of @Cetec , @KateTheAwesome , and @GamerGuppy who...
by Cetec at 8:00 PM
(617 Views / 2 Likes)
It's time to announce the return of an old champ back to the staff team. Welcome back @Xuqi! After some time away from both Minecraft and IcicleCraft have Xuqi found new energy to help the staff team to push the community!

We also have to say that @Drakeflyte will no longer be a part of the staff team due to inactivity in the server and community. He have done a wonderful job here in IcicleCraft through the years, and we do hope to see him return someday in the future!

For those who wish to see the current Staff team, you can find the full list here.
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