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by astrotrain24 at 2:40 AM
(397 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This has already been posted in the previous announcements thread, but the area for making the Xmas community build is ready for use!

The community build will compose of a rail that players will travel from plot to plot, hence as if "traveling through a winter wonderland." Here are the general rules to keep in mind with the plots:
  • You may pick any plot, however pick the next plot chronologically next to the last plot. So for example, if player A picks plot 1, then player B should pick plot 2, then player C picks plot 3, etc.
  • You are permitted to build whatever you like (however preferably it is Xmas themed) so long as it is within the confines of your plot and you connect the two rails on each end of the plot.
  • Have fun ;)
There is a warp sign located in the Creative World spawn for players to access in order to build in the area. Everyone has until Xmas to build so there is no rush but the sooner it is done the better! Also depending on...
by astrotrain24 at 5:29 AM
(249 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey peeps!

So after having as many of you respond to the recommendation thread for the November-December period, it appears the popular choice was the community build option! Now, Christmas is just slightly over a month away at the time of this post, however to get a better idea of what we should do I will once again create a poll and list some options that we haven't done before for you all to decide.

Option 1: Christmas Ornaments

The gist of this idea is that we will build a massive tree in a snow biome. Then we will ask players to go to the Creative world and build ornaments (anything the player desires, could be candy canes, wreaths, TARDIS, ornamental balls, dragons, etc) to be "hung" from the tree. They will most likely be of a specific size (for example: 20x20x20 limit) as to fit as many as possible onto the tree. Whether 3D or Pixel art is up to the...
by astrotrain24 at 1:10 AM
(477 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey peeps! Thanks to all who participated in the IC Halloween Creative contests! We apologize for the wait on the results page as we were waiting for further voting. Here are the winners for each contest!

Main (Build) Event Winners:
1) wardragon9
2) nitromegamer (PsychadelicGoat)
3) KateTheAwesome

Secondary (Pixel Art) Event Winners:
1) Omio9999
2) wardragon9
3) astrotrain24

As a reminder of the prizes:
by astrotrain24 at 7:40 AM
(525 Views / 6 Likes)
Hey peeps!

This thread is to officially announce that the creative build contest will be held on October 28-30, 2016!! And in accordance with the timing, there will also be a Halloween theme ;)

Now to get down to business! Here are the specifics:


  • The event shall take place in the creative world. Each plot size will be roughly between 25x25 & 30x30 (will edit later upon confirming which size will be best for the area we use). You may only build within your plots and the builds should reflect the theme as best as possible.
  • You will have all 3 days (28th, 29th, 30th) to plan and build your structure before we restrict building in order to prevent last minute changes. The restriction will occur at roughly 12 am CET (6 pm EST).
  • Your build will be judged by the staff. While each staff will have their own opinions, we will be looking for the following...
by Cetec at 12:41 PM
(244 Views / 1 Likes)
A new month of voting is here! Remember to vote each day to earn Loyalty Points and ingame Gold!

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