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Accepted Mcmmo to overpowered

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Deathflame, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Hello IC i have came here with a suggestion to get rid of mcmmo. Not for everyone but if there's a way to get rid of mcmmo off of certain people. I feel as mcmmo is too over powered. For me on the server it takes 5 or 4 punches to kill a skele but in vanilla minecraft its 20. Another thing is the graceful landing has saved me so many times which makes playing on the server boring for me. Most of the time when i want to die on the server is when i want too. This is why i'm barley on the server from the side of not knowing what to do and mcmmo being to over powered. I feel as the extra drops and the auto smelt isn't really legit for me nor does it feel like survival minecraft.

    Now i'm moving on to non personal problems. pvping cant be fair with mcmmo, because one person is going to have a higher bow,sword or punching level then the other person. For example Guppy has even said mcmmo is going to be a unfair advantage in the Hunger Games arena. If the person has a high sword, bow, punching or acrobatics level then their chances of dying is low and unfair to other people.
    Plus with a high mining level you don't really need a fortune pick because of the extra drops of mcmmo. Also with a high digging level you wont really need to worry going to the nether to get glowstone or find dungeons for music discs or even diamonds.

    There's probably more examples and reasons i can give, but I think you get the point.


    I have a suggestion that may balance the whole pve aspect with mcmmo. The plugin that should be add is BloodMoon: "Every few nights, a BLOODMOON APPEARS!!!! Mobs are stronger and faster,more xp, and more danger"
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  2. I see what you mean by PvP being unfair. Idk about the other mods besides myself and Nova, but we level up legit. Before my Mac died, I was off god. But if players want to win, they should all work to level up, not walk in to a competition unprepared or expecting to easily win right off the bat.
  3. What deathflame means, is that as soon as you reach about 600 unarmed a strike with your fist can do 10 hearts damage. That is more than a diamond sword sharpness II can do if I'm not mistaken. That is very unfair as you can kill players easily without risk of items and of course for hungergames it's disastrous as it's the best weapon of the game.

    There are several possibilities in limiting the overpower;
    -Adjusting the max damage in config for swords/unarmed/axes etc.
    -Removing the MCMMO bonus features for unarmed/swords/archery altogether whilst remaining mining etc.
    -removing MCMMO

    Want I really would like to see, but no plugin apparently for that;
    -Disabling MCMMO in certain (worldguard)area's.
  4. That last one would certainly be a solution to the problem. Someone should make that. >w>

  5. Yes i get what you mean but they should work hard but still. The only way they're winning is from a plug in if it was vanilla would they be able to pull it off again? Who knows still makes the game far to easy.

    yes that would solve it but the thing is i dont know if other people feel the same.

    Also i agree with guppy on those points.
  6. I agree Mcmmo kinda wrecks the survival aspect of the game I'd be happy if there was a command where you could turn mcmmo off if there is and we could activate that would be awesomely!!!
  7. I personally enjoy McMMO because of how useful it is when mining, attacking monsters, etc. Tree Feller, Super Breaker, and the others help material collection easy, as compared to taking five minutes longer to clear the same area without it. Disabling it in certain areas is the best solution, in my opinion. People who want to PVP should be fully aware of their enemy's stats. McMMO is very handy for me, and I'd honestly despise seeing it go.
  8. K, but what would you think of disabling aspect concerning combat mudkip?
  9. Yes mud but it makes the game more boring and easy. Where would the challenge be at? Sure it saves time but you're playing minecraft for gods sakes. This game involves you putting time in to get stuff done. You would feel much better about your self if you made a awesome building in survival mode or creative mode? Like i stated before the people who win pvp battles with mcmmo are winning because of a plugin doesn't really show how good they would do in a vanilla battle. The only thing in vanilla that could make a unfair advantage in battle would be enchants. Lets say a new person joins the server with a low mcmmo skill but they want to play a certain game with other people that involves pvp. They have a little chance of winning because of this low skill. Like i said in my post not get rid of it from everyone just the people who dont want it. But if it was gone all together everyone has more of a fair chance. Plus i find it disturbing that you're okay with how OP it is. To me I think the extra drops you get from mining stone or cutting a tree is not legit and makes the game way to easy and boring.
  10. well, I rather like mcmmo, but I shouldn't really be talking, im usually the one who's always busy and such, always building, and I usually tend to have a minecraft life of being endangered, since I don't usually build a house or safe building and don't carry sustenance often. So what im saying is, for a person like me, mcmmo is a god send. Although, I do agree that in some aspects it's unfair, like pvp, :p oh how I love it when I get trolled to death, I don't really care, but I do find it surprising at how easy I was killed without needing a weapon. And also it does bore me a bit also, but it's not the mcmmo entirely, it's just not knowing what to do, or to lazy to do the things. The main unfair thing I can see on here, is foul play in pvp, but to take away or nerf mining, tree cutter, etc. would devastate me, although it's not entirely legit, but be in mind it's more legit than world edit, or using creative.
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  11. I like the majority of the mcmmo skills, but the unarmed rather bugs me. Other than that, I have no complaints.
  12. I hardly ever carry a weapon. So getting rid of unarmed would very much hurt me.
    Then what's the point of plugins? May as well just be a Vanilla server, in that case.
  13. Okay let me show you something in the IC wiki.
    "Whether you are into building, resource gathering, or PvP," Thats what you do in vanilla basically.
    Plus most plugin's are more for server management type for example world edit and world guard some kind of ranking thing ect.
    McMMo is the only plug in (on the server, far as i know) that is a game changer, making it very easy and dull. I killed a horse because of my axe level trying to get the lead off it (horse was at full health too). I dont mind the tping, nor the server money or any other plugin. This one i have a problem with just because its so overpowered. Plus every pvp server i been on has had mcmmo. Every building survival server (kinda like IC) hasn't because the owners even agreed that it was op. You can just search on google "mcmmo too overpowered" and alot of people agree its very op. I found a comment even saying it "exploits" the game.
  14. Perhaps you should have got the lead off with your hand silly. Not with an axe. XD
  15. "I hardly ever carry a weapon. So getting rid of unarmed would very much hurt me."
    Well thats your fault for not having a weapon, not hard to own a stick and 2 wood,stone,iron or diamonds
  16. still it shouldn't have killed it and it was on a fence XD
  17. Hmm, quite the debate here. I seem to favor Deathflame's argument. We are a Survival Server, that is the core of it. McMMO needs to be severely nerfed, as it combats our goal as a server. Mudkip argued that getting rid of this means getting rid of all plugins, but we cannot do the latter for ease of server moderation. McMMO, in particular, attacks the fact that we are a survival server the most of all plugins, and I would like to see it either nerfed or gone completely.
  18. I have plenty of swords. I'm usually away from my chests (building, exploring, etc.), and I always somehow lose my best items when mining.
    That's not what I meant... If we're getting rid of plugins that give certain players perks, then it's basically like Vanilla but with individuals that contain a ton of power. McMMO is one of the best ways I can feel equal to the Staff Strength and not cowering for mercy. Besides, what entertaining plugins can the veterans, citizens, trusted, and tourists use if McMMO is gone? Chestshops or Lottery? Yawn.

    BloodMoons? May I ask how they are a solution? I hate them enough in Terraria already.
  19. You guys have Mob Arena as well, and quite some players, I've seen, have enjoyed that. We're also planning on adding some more plugins for entertainment. And, "Cowering for mercy"?! Why on earth would you need to cower from a staff member? We're not going around and purposely hurting players, we're trying to help them. There's a reason we have staff, and that is purely to help the server, whether in moderation, plugin support, or whatever help the server may need.
  20. MobArena becomes tiring once you play it for 10 minutes, and also having only one Arena becomes quite a bore. I think an arena with traps, bonuses, tunnels, etc. would add tons more to the MA enjoyment. Maybe an Abandoned Mineshaft Arena?

    Also, pardon my exaggeration. I just feel sometimes staff has too much power/ commands, and seeing how Sinister + Cyan have used it for evil, I am never too sure I can fully trust most of you guys. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true. I've seen people also get banned before for what staff can get away with. :/
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