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Jan 2, 2017
  • We do not provide you with resources ingame, but we would like to give a small push forward in the right direction! Therefore have we decided to create a few different kits available for normal ranks and donator ranks.

    Note that normal ranks can still receive the donator kits using Loyalty Points, which you can earn in multiple ways!

    Normal Rank
    Starter (available one time only)

    • 1 Book (IC_Rules, author: @Drakeflyte)
    • 1 Stone Sword
    • 1 Stone Shovel
    • 1 Stone Pickaxe
    • 1 Stone Axe
    • 1 Sleeping Bag (one bed)
    • 1 Empty Map (map #0)
    • 3 Emergency Firewoks (use with caution)
    • 5 Breads
    Cost: Free (0 Gold)


    • 1 Book (IC_Rules, author: @Drakeflyte)
    Cost: Free (0 Gold)

    Donator Rank
    • 1 Iron Sword
    • 1 Iron Shovel
    • 1 Iron Pickaxe
    • 1 Iron Axe
    • 5 Cookies
    Cost: 250 Gold*


    • 1 Golden Shovel (with Unbreaking II)
    • 1 Golden Pickaxe (with Unbreaking II)
    • 1 Golden Axe (with Unbreaking II)
    • 1 Golden Hoe (with Unbreaking II)
    • 5 Cooked Chickens
    • 25 Torches
    Cost: 500 Gold*


    • 1 Diamond Shovel
    • 1 Diamond Pickaxe
    • 1 Diamond Axe
    • 5 Steaks
    • 50 Torches
    Cost: 1200 Gold*


    • 1 Diamond Helmet
    • 1 Diamond Armor
    • 1 Diamond Legs
    • 1 Diamond Boots
    • 1 Golden Apple
    Cost: 3000 Gold*

    * To prevent abuse of the economy system
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