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Jan 3, 2017
  • Our ingame currency is: Gold (G)

    How do I make money?
    There are several ways to earn money ingame. One is through voting, problebly the easiest way. Another way is to create your own shop using chest shops. You can both buy and sell through those shops. It is also possible to transfer money between players, to make deals with other players. We suggest that you vote daily since it will give you a decent supply of money.

    Why do I need money?
    You can use money to purchase items such as tools, diamonds, wood and other useful items from player shops or through buying the available kits. The ingame money could also be used to buy lottery tickets and buy plots on towns made by the community.

    You can vote on two sites. Each site will give you 100 Gold and 3 Loyalty Points. These votes will help increase our server rank!
    Click this link to vote!

    Sign Shops:
    You can both buy and sell through Sign Shops. Look around on other shops to find the best deal.

    Money Transferring:
    Use this amount to check your money:

    And use this command to pay money to someone:
    /pay <player> <amount>
  • About Us

    At IcicleCraft, the users are all that we care about. We offer you a great community and an active server staff who keep the server running smoothly for our players. Whether you are into building, resource gathering, or PvP, you will find yourself at home in IcicleCraft. We've obtained plenty of experience in this field over the years, and have nearly perfected this art. You will also find that our staff is highly experienced and friendly to the IcicleCraft community. We welcome you to our world, the world of IcicleCraft!
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