1.9 World says its goodbye
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Hey IcicleCrafters!

After just celebrating its third birthday, it is time to say goodbye to another world. The 1.9 World is set for closure on May 31st. 2019.
This means you have a little over two months to get a member of staff to move your buildings to the 1.13 world. Depending on size we can move up to 5 buildings, but it is solely up to staff on how much can be moved. The space we save on the server will be used for expansion of the end, the nether and the resourceworld.

We will again ask you to contact your friends who might've played here, but is now taking a break, so this doesn't fly over their heads and they come back to nothing.

As we did for 1.7 the world will also be available for download, so stay tuned!

IcicleCraft Staff

Urgent Network outage 2019-01-07

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The server is currently down due to a network outage at the provider. The storm, Alfrida hit Sweden recently and have caused power failures.

Field technicians have been informed look into the issue and we will update the thread once we have more information!
  • Update 1: Expected to be fixed latest 2019-01-08 5 PM CET (17:00)
  • Update 2: We are now alive, 2019-01-08 6:58 AM CET (06:58)
Due to the recent downtimes, expect some events and goodies once we are alive!

Happy New Year 2019!

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The staff members of IcicleCraft wishes everyone a great Happy New Year!

Don't forget to use the Holiday coupon on our store (25% off) by entering "iciclecraft2019". The coupon will end 7th of January!
A New Journey Once More - Christmas 2018
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The wind continued its relentless assault in a grand campaign to wreak havoc across the dying lands, disturbing the dead trees nearby into an unearthly weaving as the air screamed in agony through their hollow trunks. Aided by flurries of thick snow, the journey ahead was unforgivably blind, with the only consolation of progress being the remnants of footprints. Through the virgin woods and the rocky mountain terrain, the travelers pressed on, for they had no where else to go but forward. Amongst those in this unusual group were battle-hardened veterans, unyielding to the slightest hint of danger but cautious of what was to come: the life-or-death war against Winter. Among their companions however were also a few younglings, unused to the nomadic life cycle every few seasons that their elders had become accustomed to but were willingly eager to seek out the new territory.

As the group of travelers braved onward, their old world began to crumble and would embed itself into the...
1.7.2 World turns 5 Years Old!! And so we bid farewell...
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Hello dear friends,

Today marks a special anniversary for the 1.7.2 World as it turns 5 years old today. No other world has achieved this feat, nor has any other world ever come close to rivaling it. It is, I would argue, the one world that has the most history of the server contained within, from its humble beginnings in 2013 up to the present day. For many of the current playerbase, the 1.7.2 World is all you've ever known of IC's history along with our two newer worlds that have only recently scratched the surface of the community's rich heritage.

However for those able to recall the youthful endeavor so long ago, that time when the great expanse known as the 1.7 Update filled our hearts with joyous applause and the thoughts of virgin lands appearing once more to be no mere rumor, I wish to take you back in time. The 1.7 world changed the game for the server and the players beyond what could have been foreseen. The old world at that time, 1.3.1, was in a state of decline, with...

A change in staff!

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It is time to announce the recent changes to the staff team.
We are happy to announce that both @Omio and @Xuqi have been promoted to Super Moderators.

We have all seen a lot of effort from both of them. Helping out in every possible way to keep the community and server running. Special thanks for the huge work behind the *shaky* 1.13 launch! Without the help of @Omio and @Xuqi (and of course everyone else that was behind the release of 1.13) the server would have been unplayable.

... But unfortunately we are also saying goodbye for now to @ZiiimZooon that are leaving the staff team.
We would like to thank you for all the time you have put into our communtiy and server.

Urgent 1.7.2 World to be Removed
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Hey peeps!

After reigning as the oldest world on Iciclecraft, the IC Staff has decided that the 1.7.2 world will be removed from the server. This will occur on December 8, 2018, which will be the world's 5th birthday! Also, we plan to consider removing the 1.9 world sometime in early-mid 2019. We kindly ask that you inform other members of the server and begin the process of relocating items, builds, and other necessities to the new 1.13 World in the coming weeks.

Do not fret however, for as promised we will be releasing world files for 1.7.2 as well as previous world files. We will also be working on the creation and expansion of a Memorial World in order to save priceless gems from the many years of Iciclecraft history. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good day.


Server Status 9-24-2018

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Hello everyone!

It's quite rare we do so many announcements, but the issues we've had updating to 1.13 has been serious. After working our asses off the last couple of days I am happy to tell you all, that most issues has been resolved. Everything is working as it should again.

New stuff we've added:
- New 1.13 World
- New Spawn
- New Hub
- New Marketplace
- Mob-arena(s)
- Spleef
- New and fresh resource world
- New nether
- New memorial world (TBA)

You are now also able to carry over your items from the old worlds to the new 1.13 world. We are still working on the issue where some have lost their inventory in the first couple of days after the update. Stay tuned!

Urgent Server Status 9-23-2018

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Hello everyone!

We have been trying to rollback the server to post 1.13.1, but have failed to do so. We would like to apologise to everyone for the troubles that it has caused.
  • Please keep your items in chests. We are currently trying to restore everyones inventory and enderchests to post 1.13.1, as many have lost items.
  • Be aware that we might restart and take the server down numerous times in the next couple of days. We will ofcourse let everyone online know before doing so.
  • We will regenerate the 1.13.1 World, so get your ressources from the ressource world instead. The A worlds inventory might get affected.
  • We will try to do some hotfixes the next week to solve all the issues like no nether fortresses, item loss and structures.
Again I would like to apologize for these issues. We are doing our best to counter them. Feel free to use our discord for any questions.

Urgent Server Status 9-22-2018

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Hey peeps!

As many of you are aware atm the server is currently down at the time of this thread. Here is the current list of items that are being done and addressed:
  • Due to the amount of internal stress on the server and errors affecting it from the update, we are currently creating a backup of the server in order to revert back to 1.12.2 version of Minecraft. We expect this to last 1-2 weeks before performing another update.
  • We are preparing to do a rollback of the server from the past 1-2 days in order to bring everyone's saved data back to a point in the coming hours. Note: During the time of the rollback, there may be a chance that we are unable to recover items from inventories and ender chests.
  • You will be able to play on the server within the next few hours of this thread being made. Thereafter we will investigate how to fix the persistent issues that were being experienced during the past day on the 1.13.1 version on a test...