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by Xuqi at 8:30 PM
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Hello everyone!

We know it's been quite a wait for 1.13.1, as there have been numerous reported bugs that deemed it too risky to update. Everything seems to be working okay now on our test server, so we are ready to roll out an update tomorrow september 21st.

Maintenance time frame:
Starting 19.00 CEST / UTC +2 (7.00 PM)
Expected done by: 21.00-22.00 CEST / UTC +2 (9.00-10.00 PM)

Bunch of new stuff
Ofcourse we also got some goodies for our players. We have been quite busy behind the scenes lately and its probably the biggest update to IcicleCraft since launch!

- New 1.13 World
- New Spawn
- New Hub
- New Marketplace
- Mob-arena(s)
- Spleef
- New and fresh resource world
- New nether
- New memorial world (TBA)

I'd also like to address that you won't be able to move your items between worlds at the moment. This is something we are working on, but we would rather get the update out than let you wait for several more...
by astrotrain24 at 3:03 AM
(264 Views / 5 Likes)
Hey peeps! Thought I'd make this thread to give a few quick updates and news regarding sever information:

  • Thanks to @Bavu you are now able to scroll paintings! No more frustration in waiting for the right paintings to decorate your wall. Simply right click a painting that is placed on a wall and you will be able to scroll with your cursor until you find the painting of your choice, then right click to exit the editor.
  • A brand new Mob Arena will be coming soon in the very near future! For those unfamiliar, Mob Arena features a closed map where you may pick one of a handful of classes in order to face countless hordes of mobs and the occasional floor boss. The new one will be ~2-3x larger than the old version and potentially even more terrifying!!! See screenshot for a sneak peek!!!
  • In the works with @Omio , @Cetec and myself is hopefully a solution to fixing the AutoRank plugin issue that...
by Cetec at 11:52 AM
(176 Views / 3 Likes)
A new month to earn more Gold and more Loyalty Points is here!
You can get up to 300 gold and 9 loyalty points by voting on all 3 sites each day.

The long awaited Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic is here and we are eager to update to support the latest version. There should not be many days left before we are able to update to support all the new features, but we are currently waiting for everything to get stable enough to fully support it without any major issues.

by Xuqi at 8:55 PM
(219 Views / 7 Likes)
Greetings IcicleCraftians!

It's been a long 2 years and 4 months since we last promoted any loyal players to the trusted position. That's why we have decided its long overdue! We have been discussing it for almost a month and finally found the 4 people who deserved it the most.

The new trusted players are...

Ladies and gentlemen, give a big round of applause for our 4 new trusted players!

Current trusted players:
Trusted round 1:
PyroWarrior99, N00bykilla, mattoa, mrmunroe, cloakedassassin4
Trusted round 2: MudkipNinjaGM, x_sephiria_x, Anders123DK, molkusque, Markus_OL
Trusted round 3: marlin2202, Hydrillla, Awesome10C00L, astrotrain24, ZiiimZooon, lolkittyfufu
Trusted round 4: jeroo, Jelka, Coxy06, LordIce_Wolf, agarfin...
by astrotrain24 at 10:24 PM
(127 Views / 1 Likes)
We have finally managed to return NPC villager functions to normal Minecraft standards! This means they are now able to spawn, break crops to eat, be turned from zombie villagers, and (hopefully breed). We have also done this without exposing any potential griefing weaknesses that we are aware of. This has been a hot topic on the server for several years at the very least, but I am glad to say that they should be functioning properly. We hope that these changes remain in effect as we progress, but please be sure to report any issues if they arise.

Special thanks to @Omio and @Cetec as well!

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