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by Cetec at 10:04 AM
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Let's get a good start this month on Minestatus and MCSL and remember you can earn up to 140 Crystals a day from voting for us on these sites!

Vote using the following links:

by Shiv at 2:14 AM
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Hello fellow members of IcicleCraft!
As many of you may know, our 1.3 world is up and running! Personally, the new spawn looks amazing. Great job, Bavu and Karlziv! Now, to go over a few cool features here at spawn. First off, we have the main spawn building. Here you will find the basic rules of the server and a small back story, as well as portals to the other spawns in the old world. As you proceed out, you will notice the statues of the staff members. There is also a small mob zoo and market in the main courtyard. Outside of the walled area you will find many marvelous wonders made by the staff. You will be taken on a blocky journey to Paris with the Eiffel Tower and an adventure to New York City with the Empire State Building. Dine like royalty at the 5-Star restaurant Beefy Bavu. You will also find the Spawn Shop. This shop sells and buys just about everything in the game. There is also a portal room readily available for you so you can teleport...
by Cetec at 1:09 AM
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We've all experienced it, during our time in Minecraft. Instead of seeing people commenting in the Shoutbox and in the forums explaining their anger about Minecraft being down. However, there is a website which does literally inform you if Minecraft is down during that time, with 5 different sections to explain it.

These 5 sections are:

1| Minecraft.net
2| Minecraft Logins
3| Minecraft Multiplayer Sessions
4| Mojang Accounts Website
5| Mojang Accounts Login

If a category is live and online, it will be represented with a green dot, however, if it is represented by a red dot, then it means that it is down and not online during that time. Here is a image showing you what it would look like:

As you...
by Cetec at 9:36 PM
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We will create a whole new world to explore for the latest update, Minecraft 1.3. This world will be set as our first world when the protection and spawn is finished. Mind that our oldest world, from Minecraft Beta 1.8, which is our secondary world (Not our current main one) will be deleted as a new world will be built upon!

Tomorrow (Friday) the server will be going under maintenance, estimated 1 PM CEST; to update the server stability and performance of 1.3. At this point the new world will be created (But non-accessable during a few days, to fix a few important things before we releases it to our players).

This will give our players a chance to explore the new things in the latest update in Minecraft. Reminder, that our current world, will still be playable, and can easily be accessed through in-game portals!

EDIT: Server is now updated and a new world has been added. We will post more information when the new world is open for the public.
by Cetec at 7:48 PM
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We are finally running on a stable recommended build of bukkit, running Minecraft 1.3.1. Expect some restart here and there to update and further improve the performance of Minecraft 1.3.1.

Some changes in Minecraft 1.3:

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