Ship building contest

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Hello faithful friends of iciclecraft!

I have been thinking on making this contest for a while and now it really happens. So say goodbye to the shore and go out on the sea with a 'Ohoj mates!

Where does the contest take place?
The contest takes place in the creative world (on the maze area if the name haven't changed)

What is the contest about?
In this contest we are building ships, airships and submarines.
In this case you are allowed to build 3 builds (one of each type of ship. And if you build one of each you get bigger change to win.)
The theme is old/fantasy/steampunk. (not modern)
Rules and such will be in books on the contest area (they will be in front of the spawn point not hard to miss)

Use your imagination so much as you can. (hint: take a look at pictures and others builds to get...

Anniversary Events 2017 Follow-Up Thread

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Hey peeps!

This is a follow-up thread for the anniversary events announcement made earlier this month. Above will be listed future weekend dates for which to host these events in order to guarantee the most amount of player availability. Select the best option for your availability. After the final date has been decided a second follow-up thread will be created with the specified date and more details regarding the events themselves.


March-April 2017 Event Follow-Up

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Hey peeps!

This is the follow-up for the previous thread in which the most popular choice was Cards Against Humanity. Above here is another poll to indicate which weekend(s) work out best for the most amount of members. For this poll you have 2 choices as to maximize availability and the chance for multiple game sessions. The sooner we can get everyone's availability the sooner we can get to playing! ;)


March-April 2017 Event Suggestions

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Hey peeps!

Unfortunately the previous event (Labyrinth Minigame) didn't end up being completed or worked on too much, so will try to go for a different approach this time ;)

This period of time, I am proposing an out-of server event for everyone to participate in if they are available. Here are the suggestions, I will also create a poll to use for them:

  • Cards Against Humanity - I have already done this with several of our players, and many of us have "matured" a bit more, so why not add a few laughs ;)
  • Steam - I most likely would not be able to do this myself since I doubt steam could run on my laptop in its current condition, but playing Overwatch, TF2, Terraria, etc with other members would be possible ideas.
  • Iciclecraft Minigame Expeditionary Team - we would collectively go to another location to play minigames (no advertising allowed though :3) for a "short" period of time for @Cetec 's sake.
  • Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome...
Community Build/Mini-Game: The Maze
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Hey peeps!

This event will be held for the week of February 12-18, 2017!!!

As promised, the day has finally arrived to announce the January-February Event! This event shall be the community build for a Herobrine Maze game. The gist will be that we will create a massive maze, full of all kinds of obstacles, booby traps, dead ends, tunnels, and anything you can think of. Once this is complete we will turn it into the Maze game (some of you who are older might think of Prophunt, however this is slightly different).

The game will comprise of 2+ players at a time and consist of two teams. The first team would be the Players, and the second team would be the Zombies. The Zombies would begin with only one player, and their goal would be to turn all the other Players into Zombies. After a Player has been killed by the Zombies, they turn into one and help the other Zombies to find and kill the remaining Players. The Players can win the game, however...

January - February 2017 Event Suggestions!

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Hey guys!

We're in the next period for our bi-monthly events! Seeing as more of you have been active the last week or so I am posting this now in order for everyone to be able to suggest event ideas. Be sure to do so ASAP so we can plan accordingly ;)

Previous events:

Vote! - Option for Christmas Event

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Hey peeps!

So after having as many of you respond to the recommendation thread for the November-December period, it appears the popular choice was the community build option! Now, Christmas is just slightly over a month away at the time of this post, however to get a better idea of what we should do I will once again create a poll and list some options that we haven't done before for you all to decide.

Option 1: Christmas Ornaments

The gist of this idea is that we will build a massive tree in a snow biome. Then we will ask players to go to the Creative world and build ornaments (anything the player desires, could be candy canes, wreaths, TARDIS, ornamental balls, dragons, etc) to be "hung" from the tree. They will most likely be of a specific size (for example: 20x20x20 limit) as to fit as many as possible onto the tree. Whether 3D or Pixel art is up to the...
Halloween Contests Results!
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Hey peeps! Thanks to all who participated in the IC Halloween Creative contests! We apologize for the wait on the results page as we were waiting for further voting. Here are the winners for each contest!

Main (Build) Event Winners:
1) wardragon9
2) nitromegamer (PsychadelicGoat)
3) KateTheAwesome

Secondary (Pixel Art) Event Winners:
1) Omio9999
2) wardragon9
3) astrotrain24

As a reminder of the prizes:
=> 1st: Pumpkin stating "Winner of Halloween Build Contest 2016" + 1 Mending Book + 8 dragon's breath + 2 Wither Skull
=> 2nd: Pumpkin stating "Winner of Halloween Build Contest 2016" + 1 Frost Walker II Book + 8 dragon's breath + 1 Wither Skull
=> 3rd: Pumpkin stating "Winner of Halloween Build Contest 2016" + 1 Frost Walker II Book + 8 dragon's breath + 3 Golden Apples

=> @FlaminPigs has offered once again to provide additional rewards, so if...
Contest Creative Build Contest: Halloween Theme!
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Hey peeps!

This thread is to officially announce that the creative build contest will be held on October 28-30, 2016!! And in accordance with the timing, there will also be a Halloween theme ;)

Now to get down to business! Here are the specifics:


  • The event shall take place in the creative world. Each plot size will be roughly between 25x25 & 30x30 (will edit later upon confirming which size will be best for the area we use). You may only build within your plots and the builds should reflect the theme as best as possible.
  • You will have all 3 days (28th, 29th, 30th) to plan and build your structure before we restrict building in order to prevent last minute changes. The restriction will occur at roughly 12 am CET (6 pm EST).
  • Your build will be judged by the staff. While each staff will have their own opinions, we will be looking for the following...

Follow-Up: Player availability for Creative World Build Contest

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Hey guys!

This is just a follow-up thread (apologize for taking a wee bit longer to make) to find out the best weekend for all of us to partake in the event. Please use the poll to indicate which two weekends (i.e. you have the ability to choose from two of the listed options) you are most available from!

Side notes:
  • For the weekend of October 28 - 30, this would allow a possible Halloween theme, however whether or not you guys would prefer a theme or just a general building contest (usually implying whomever used the best mix of details, materials, etc) is up to you all and I highly recommend you post your thoughts on this ;)
  • I am only putting in the first weekend of November just in case, however hopefully if we try to do bi-monthly events then we have a designated period of two months so atm I'm trying to keep this to a September-October period of time.
  • More information about the build contest will come in due time, but leave...