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  1. GamerGuppy

    Contest IC Awards - Vote now!

    A friendly reminder to cast your vote for the IC Awards, hosted by mud. Below the links to the voting threads: Best creation Best house Best builder Kindest/most generous person Brightest idead Best Newbie Best skin Best fighter Best overal player Most beautiful city Classiest troll Funniest player
  2. GamerGuppy

    Behind the scenes: "IC's community in numbers #2"

    As a continuation of my earlier thread, I've again made graphs that show IC's community in numbers. My earlier script has been expanded quite a lot in order to coop with UUID's and name changes. The script automatically goes through all 4500 essential files, which stores homes, UUID's...
  3. GamerGuppy

    IcicleCraft Trailer by wardragon9_2!

    Huge shoutout to @wardragon9_2 's trailer for Iciclecraft. In my opinion it captures and describes the community spirit of IC brilliantly. On behalf of IC, thank you @wardragon9_2. Don't forget to like and subscribe guys ;), his channel is full of amazing time-lapse builds.
  4. GamerGuppy

    Updates & Feedback

    It's been a while since we've had some updates on what happens on the server. As most people will have noticed by now the popular plugin MobArena has been reinstalled and @Bavu has brilliantly modified his former map, then used for another minigame, to optimize it for MobArena. This map now goes...
  5. GamerGuppy

    2 new warez added to LP shop!

    Always wanted to ride an undead zombie or skeleton horse? This is your chance to obtain your very own tamed rare horse. Visit the Loyalty Point shop at spawn, right click one of the 2 signs to purchase a horse for 100 LP. Be sure to stand a bit off from the walls, since the horse will spawn onto...
  6. GamerGuppy

    Santa Claus is coming to IcicleCraft?

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; Winter. For the citizen of IcicleCraft winter always provoked mixed feelings. As the days shrink shorter and the skies turn grey, the citizen of IcicleCraft search each other's company and resort to their houses to warm their bones by the...
  7. GamerGuppy

    Addressed to all Secret Santa's of IC

    -The Flytes
  8. GamerGuppy

    Community Feedback #2

    Recently we have been confronted on the Suggestions & Feedback board of our forums by an enthusiastic new user called @DavidFTW898 that our community is in need of a Creative world. DavidFTW isn't the first who has requested this. We've heard the suggestion a dozen time by various players and we...
  9. GamerGuppy

    Behind the Scenes: The Statistics of IC's community

    In this "behind the scenes" I'll describe the community of IC in numbers. Despite IC's relatively small size, it has a rich history of more than 3 years in which we have seen many people come and leave. We are always sad when we see players leave IC or quit MC, but always hope they will someday...
  10. GamerGuppy

    Guppy's Renders

    This is a threat I'll paste renders in I made. I'll give a shout in the shoutbox when I update this post. To easily find all the images, this toppost will be edited. Requests can be submitted below too, though I will mostly handle finished (parts) of projects/towns, otherwise I keep on redoing...
  11. GamerGuppy

    Iciclecraft VoIP with Mumble?

    For a long time members have been suggesting that IC should have teamspeak/ventrillo VoIP server for voicechatting. However, both teamspeak and ventrillo cost money to host a server and buy a license to host a server. Ofcourse the IC community has been using Skype for a long time; yet for Skype...
  12. GamerGuppy

    Behind the Scenes: Minecraft 1.8, the update that breaks everything?

    Why? If you've been on the shoutbox lately, you'll certainly have seen some of the staff discussing the upcoming MC 1.8 update. In this "Behind the Scenes" I'll attempt to shed some light on how generally our server manages with updates, the impacts of the 1.8 update and most importantly, what...
  13. GamerGuppy

    The MiniGame Hub has been reintroduced!

    For the people who have missed HungerGames, (team-)spleef & king of the ladder we have good news! Many of the minigames, previously broke due to the 1.7 update have been repaired and are now ready to be played in our reintroduced minigame hub! The Minigame hub is easily accesible using the new...
  14. GamerGuppy

    Accepted Community feedback!

    Once every few months the staff of IC sits back and reflects on the developments that have taken place on the server. We look at the bans, the amount of rollbacks needed, the amount of new players joining and more importantly; how many stayed. Fortunately, apart from a few incidences, the amount...
  15. GamerGuppy

    Server Showcase v2.0

    Hey all, guppy here. Some of you might have seen my previous showcase of the server; It's time for a new one! And I need your help for that! Do you have any builds you think should be featured in this showcase then post it here. I I will try and gather a panel consisting of staff members...
  16. GamerGuppy

    Santa's little helper

    IMPORTANT CHRISTMAS UPDATE Our hero Santa was ordered by Dr. Who for an emergency case in another time-zone. Santa had therefore no time to distribute his presents from his distribution headquarters in the far north; a magical place where snowmen, penguins and bi-polar bears work together to...
  17. GamerGuppy

    Winter is coming...

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; Winter. For the citizen of Iciclecraft winter always provoked mixed feelings. As the days shrink shorter and the skies turn grey, the citizen of Iciclecraft search each other's company and resort to their houses to warm their bones by the...
  18. GamerGuppy

    New update, New World

    The first snapshots have already been released and with that Mojang honors it's promise to bring many new features concerning world generation with Minecraft version 1.7; New biomes, more variation in older biomes, boulders, colorful flowers and more dynamic oceans with new fishes await us. With...
  19. GamerGuppy

    Adventure map: The Crying Sphinx

    The Crying Sphinx is an adventure map that focuses on puzzles, parkour, traps and often a combination of the three. It contains time-trials, music-quizes, 3d, changing and living mazes, traps, treasure hunting and general problem-solving. Unlike many other adventure maps I did try to minimize...
  20. GamerGuppy

    Contest IC Griefing Contest

    Postponed due to unexpected absent staff, sorry for inconveniences Grieving? Yes you read that right! But not just anywhere; IC prepared on a special location a small town specifically made for this cause. What & When? UPDATED The griefing contest event will be held at 12-05-2013 at 20:00...