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  1. Xuqi

    1.9 World says its goodbye

    Hey IcicleCrafters! After just celebrating its third birthday, it is time to say goodbye to another world. The 1.9 World is set for closure on May 31st. 2019. This means you have a little over two months to get a member of staff to move your buildings to the 1.13 world. Depending on size we can...
  2. Xuqi

    Server Status 9-24-2018

    Hello everyone! It's quite rare we do so many announcements, but the issues we've had updating to 1.13 has been serious. After working our asses off the last couple of days I am happy to tell you all, that most issues has been resolved. Everything is working as it should again. New stuff...
  3. Xuqi

    Urgent Server Status 9-23-2018

    Hello everyone! We have been trying to rollback the server to post 1.13.1, but have failed to do so. We would like to apologise to everyone for the troubles that it has caused. Please keep your items in chests. We are currently trying to restore everyones inventory and enderchests to post...
  4. Xuqi

    Urgent 1.13.1 incoming!

    Hello everyone! We know it's been quite a wait for 1.13.1, as there have been numerous reported bugs that deemed it too risky to update. Everything seems to be working okay now on our test server, so we are ready to roll out an update tomorrow september 21st. Maintenance time frame: Starting...
  5. Xuqi

    Our (almost) annual trusted round

    Greetings IcicleCraftians! It's been a long 2 years and 4 months since we last promoted any loyal players to the trusted position. That's why we have decided its long overdue! We have been discussing it for almost a month and finally found the 4 people who deserved it the most. The new trusted...
  6. Xuqi

    Accepted MCMMO - nerf?

    Hello. I have been working a lot on the terrain around my new city the last week, which means I have removed A LOT of dirt. The problem with digging on the server is that you get so much crap when you do because of MCMMO. Anyway you can change it a bit, Cetec? Down below is a screenshot from...
  7. Xuqi

    Fixed Donator

    Trail effects does'nt work and when I typed /kit emerald I lost 3000 coins. The donator page says its only 200, so I definitely did'nt expect to lose that much.
  8. Xuqi

    Time to depart

    Hello! Most players have probably noticed that I haven't been that active as of lately. It is not secret that MineCraft just is'nt what it used to be for me. I am currently very active within another game community, which is why I am making this decision. I think it is time to depart from...
  9. Xuqi


    Since my old city, Metropolia/Avaloria does'nt exist anymore I started a new one! A new city is currently under construction. Elyria will soon take shape and will hopefully be one of the most unique cities on IcicleCraft. The City is located at a plains biome and is surrounded by water. So far i...
  10. Xuqi

    Favorite movies

    I was going to watch a movie tonight and then i saw the "Favorite videogames" and the idea just came to me.. Why not make a favorite movie thread too? My top 5 is: 1. The Avengers 2. The Hunger Games 3. Avatar 4. The Hobbit 5. American Pie: Reunion
  11. Xuqi

    Avaloria - largest city on the server!

    Avaloria - the servers biggest city The city got almost everything! Take a look at Metropolia and ask for a plot, house or apartment if you like the city. Features: Library McDonald's Blacksmith Church Harbor with ships Hot Air balloon tours Armoury Enchanting and brewing center Restaurant...