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  1. starsde


    hey guys and here is some pics on a project im working on with some friends and we are stuck we havent been getting much inspiration so im turning to u guys to help me
  2. starsde

    hey guys who is holding secret santa any1 knows?

    hey guys so there are a few months till chrismas eve so i wonder who s gonna hold secret santa and i would like to volunteer as the host of the event if i can
  3. starsde

    hey every1

    hey guys so its time im getting my brain super active so ive decided to make a modpack and i would like every1 from the server to give suggestion for mods to the modpack :D plz help me make an awsome modpack
  4. starsde

    look at my lovely storage vault LOL

    here is my new storage vault watcha think so far 1-10 ps design not done yet
  5. starsde

    Accepted 1 more home for the veterans

    hello guys i have a idea/suggestion that many veterans would want that the homes veteran limit 2 homes goes up to 3 homes there are many positive things then for the veterans any way im just wanted to speak out of my mind leave a comment what u think any comments is welcome :D by the way its...
  6. starsde

    lets play need insperation

    hi guys starsde here aka super_dark_star and im looking for insperation to a season of mc lets play if u got a building that might look cool or have a redstone controled house post a pic of that build here and help me with geting insperation to build. the season of minecraft lets play will start...
  7. starsde

    community project extreme

    hi guys i got a project i wanna do but that involves all the iciclecraft members on the server. I wanna build a city just like the city of memories. okey i know i gonna get a lot of question why well that is simple i wanna have a town where every player has a plot and the town would be like a...
  8. starsde

    in standby mode sir

    Hi guys as u all may know I haven t been on for a couple of days that because I had to return my gf laptop to her so now I need to wait til I get my pic and that won't be long now so until then bye guys and see u on the other side in cyberspace love starsde the old lonely wolf :) Starsde end of...
  9. starsde

    Live streams on IC

    Hey guys I'm going to share some information about my twitch Channel I Will streaming on Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays about 6 PM to 9 PM if you want to check it out then go to my twitch which is Spartacus7676 and I would appreciate some support from the server lie to people who wants to be In...
  10. starsde

    A question

    Hey guys i wonder if u want My gf to play on IC and so if u really want me to lure her on replie Quick :) xD
  11. starsde

    Starsde's goodbye

    hey guys it's sad to tell I m quitting the server as this character goodbye and I will come on for just a small amount of time to fix so my new character can open my chest and fix him as owner. P.s alpha star end of transmission P.P.s all hail supreme star darkness overlord
  12. starsde

    Teamspeak server

    hi guys Alpha star coming to you with a awsome and hopefully great Idea Why aren't iciclecraft evolve to become a team speak server to because it's awesome And it may be more people coming to iciclecraft for fun hope u want to understand and how fun it could be :D
  13. starsde

    mini game event this weekend

    hi guys what s up i i been thinking of holding a party well now i decided to have 1 this weekend i will hold a mini game event and all are invited we gonna play some mini game s but the final mini game is survival game p.s msg or mail me in game for more question s. stars
  14. starsde

    post ur favorite pokemon

    Hi evry1 it is time for me to have a friendly competion u post 1 r f ur favorite pokemon and u can vote for ur favorite
  15. starsde

    Rejected Mini-game idea

    hey guys i wanna tell u a great idea i have a mini game that i ve been working on and now i want ur voice to say what u think the game idea is to make a dance mini game with coloured blocks and some music in it and u only have a short time limit to get to that block that shows up in ur...