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    Ftb: Lately I've been having some minor/major issues with FTB. The issue is right after the mojang screen on ftb its says Minecraft has crashed...! I would like it if someone could help me find a solution to this problem. I have already tried downloading FTB again...
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    Advertisement Help!

    Ok. I've already asked Cetec for help and he said ok for starters. I need you guys to take screenshots and post huge builds that you've made or just small yet nice houses ( *wink wink* nitro). I'm advertising IC on Instagram I've already had one large minecraft instagram account follow me so any...
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    Birthday Presents

    Ok so some of you may know that my birthday is this weekend. The problem is idk what to ask my parents for I'm kinda a outdoors and tetchy kid. I already asked for a bike and a visa gift card (to buy a rank). So what would you ask for? Leave comments below.
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    Icicle County Fair?

    I had a idea earlier about a IC county fair anyone can awake their own little stand for people to play in. I WILL clear out an area can build the thing. if you are interested post what your stand is. I want all stands finished within 3 weeks. so if your stand will be huge your going to...
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    Role Playing fun

    First pic your character I'm a lizard Molk is a dragon Next pick your specialty Finally find your powers