1. Cetec

    A change in staff!

    It is time to announce the recent changes to the staff team. We are happy to announce that both @Omio and @Xuqi have been promoted to Super Moderators. We have all seen a lot of effort from both of them. Helping out in every possible way to keep the community and server running. Special thanks...
  2. Cetec

    New Moderator to IC!

    The IcicleCraft staff team would like to welcome our newest recruit, @Omio to the Moderator position! We have seen his dedication towards the server and its community and we know that he will be an excellent addition to the current staff team. You can find the current staff team here!
  3. Cetec

    New Moderator to IcicleCraft!

    We would like to announce our newest Moderator to join the IcicleCraft Staff team. Welcome @ZiiimZooon to the IcicleCraft Staff team! We know that he will do an amazing job in that position and most of the community already know him very well! For those who wish to see the current Staff team...