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1.7.2 World turns 5 Years Old!! And so we bid farewell...

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by astrotrain24, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Hello dear friends,

    Today marks a special anniversary for the 1.7.2 World as it turns 5 years old today. No other world has achieved this feat, nor has any other world ever come close to rivaling it. It is, I would argue, the one world that has the most history of the server contained within, from its humble beginnings in 2013 up to the present day. For many of the current playerbase, the 1.7.2 World is all you've ever known of IC's history along with our two newer worlds that have only recently scratched the surface of the community's rich heritage.

    However for those able to recall the youthful endeavor so long ago, that time when the great expanse known as the 1.7 Update filled our hearts with joyous applause and the thoughts of virgin lands appearing once more to be no mere rumor, I wish to take you back in time. The 1.7 world changed the game for the server and the players beyond what could have been foreseen. The old world at that time, 1.3.1, was in a state of decline, with the actual landmass consisting of small biomes and more ocean than viable land. Many had taken to the sea to build large ships or conquer the islands, but the world felt ever small, however the new update promised to fix that and indeed it delivered.

    With great excitement we ran through the new world, with Spawn barely being built, and immediately set out to take advantage of the massive landmass before us. To the south was a grand forest of skyward pines, eastward held rolling hills with lush vegetation, and a large desert just to the northwest provided the early adventurers the variety needed. However we were jinxed! Just one, and only one, mesa biome had been summoned onto the lands, and war broke out not long after that, as friend became foe and a quick decision to include a resource world was enough to settle the tension for the time being. Explorations and expeditions to fill the map's chunks were established and carried out through the cold winter weeks until enough had been explored to the content of the players.

    In time, the old and new players merged and thus a new era had begun. Activity soared, and just as 1.3.1 was known for its Age of Empires, 1.7 became known for its Age of Great Cities. Massive sprawls of urban works began to blanket the land, populations exploded, and competitiveness for resources and members continued to grow. Pinewood City, Pancake, Primrose Ville, Subterria IV, Celestial Valley, Yako City IV, Rockshore Estates, Virtual Village, Paragon, and Rivermore II to name a few. Each thrived and interacted on a greater scale that had not been seen since the early days of the server. Massive projects such as the Shadow of the Wind, the Haunted House, Isle de Amanita, Fort Phoenix, Atlantis, the IC Memorial, Pyro's Greenhouse, and Xuqi's Castle awed the community as progression led to refined detail and art.

    And as each year came to pass, the community would come close to the fire to recant the times of old, to share in gift giving and good tiding, and to look forward to the future ahead. Sometimes life didn't come easy, as every year we would lose valued members of our community or suffer at the hands of malice or grudges, and even the frustrations of our limitations. Yet we strove on with our heads held high and never letting that glimmer of that first winter day when we were left to roam the untouched land fade from our eyes.

    So it is with mixed feelings that I must announce that within the coming hours we shall be retiring the 1.7.2 world. The sun sets on a very long, but bountiful chapter in the history of Iciclecraft. I myself had only just today in the final moments moved my main home to the new world as I had resided all those 5 years in my quiet forest abode. Change is never received well by those who least expect it, however it is among the greatest of lessons that is learned.

    May the sun never set on your lives, may the day bring warmth to the spirit and resolve in the heart, and may we continue to honor the memory of the 1.7.2 World by our bonds of friendship and the willingness to continue to face adversity in our lives.

    Farewell 1.7, you shall be missed.



    I was unable to reach @Cetec in time prior to this post, however we will still be giving the files for the 1.7.2 World and previous worlds as promised with the last announcement. I ask that you have patience while we make this a possibility.

    Edit: You can get the worlds here: https://iciclecraft.net/pages/history/

    And finally I would like to thank all of you for continuing to be an outstanding community of remarkable individuals. The server is dependent on your contribution each and every day and I sincerely wish you all the best in your endeavors. If you would like to read back on the older threads regarding the 1.7.2 world you can start here and each thread links to the previous one.

    Have a good day peeps!

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  2. Great message Astro! It's true, this was the world that i first came to know within IcicleCraft, it's kind of a shame to see it go but I've enjoyed it and reminisced enough to not feel the need to look back.
  3. The 1.7 World was the first thing I saw when I came back from my 2013 hiatus, no longer being staff, so it really marked a new chapter in Iciclecraft for me, and in my opinion a better one than before. I built my first house in the world on Christmas Day 2013. I was a first-year in high school (Gymnasium for our European members, I think?) which made it even more of a transitional point in my life. The 1.7 world and Pancake saw massive changes in my building style, from my flat, overbearingly-window-covered boxes to three-dimensional, well-proportioned facades resembling American Italianate/Romanesque architecture. This transition can be seen just by walking north on the main street of Pancake. Further refinements in my builds' scale and proportion can be seen on Supple Street (which was named after I saw the word on a bottle of hand lotion and thought it was funny). All in all, the 1.7 world marks an extremely significant phase in my development as a person and as an architecture enthusiast and Minecraft builder. The memories there are plentiful.
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  4. Good times. Would've liked to see all my half-baked builds one last time, but all good things must come to an end at some point.
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  5. Hey man, long time no see! And as mentioned in the post you can DL the world using the link provided.

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