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1.7 Survival World turns 3!!


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
Yes my friends, it is December 8, 2016 and another year has passed; thusly the 1.7 World has passed another milestone of 3 years!! Much has happened since last year's thread.

Another fierce winter brought cold winds and snow mountains, yet our players managed by the warmth of the fire and survived. Great tidings brought forth another Christmas tale, as Santa invited all the ICers to visit the Elf Village and his Workshop to receive presents. The New Year followed and 2015 closed its doors as 2016 took its place. The winter appeared as quiet as the snow that remained still on gentle hills, but 'tis was not the case.

Rumors spread that Mojang, after over a year of slumber, would awaken from the dark depths of the Void and release another update. At long last, the Minecraft overlords presented the prophesied 1.9 update and players rejoiced at the progress. @Cetec , adhering to the wishes of his subjects, announced that IC would move to the new update as well! But this was not the only rumor, as soon word of mouth spread that 1.7 World would soon have a younger sister: the 1.9 world! Joyous players flocked to the new lands, seeking more adventure and resources to satisfy their thirst for new experiences.

Time flew by, winter turned to spring, and the biggest milestone to date occured: IC turned 5 years old. With this momentous occasion, a new market was revealed for the new world, and a great tournament commenced! Spring turned to summer and Mojang surprised the world with yet another update to 1.10 Minecraft.

In time we also gained a new ice rink and now we have bi-monthly events to follow! The whole year has also seen many changes along with our players as well. @ZiiimZooon joined the ranks of our staff team and we welcomed a new batch of Trusted members as well! A new Swedish invasion occurred and others joined with many new ICers to join the countless others before them. We also saw an active flourish in the arts & photography with many threads, among those from @Skylord Amelia , @jelkaa , @Animated_Dragon , and @Geval . And @Bavu was resurrected with the 1.11 update!

Yet, this year did not come without some losses. The royal family of IC ( @Drakeflyte & @lolkittyfufu ) have yet to be seen for some time. @Xuqi also left for some time, as well as many others who have continued to be added to the IC memorial. The long-lasting Industrial FTB server that IC had long used was finally put to rest as well this year. The worlds of IC began to quiet down and players became scarce.

However fear not my friends, the server is not dead ;) The chimneys still burn as sounds of industrial machines rock the Isle de Amanita in the northwest of 1.7. Sometimes one can see a shadowy figure lurking in the Pinewood forest and some souls still remain in that world; 1.7 still thrives alongside her younger sister. The new world has still been seeing growth as new towns, projects and players continue to flow into it.

In good times or bad ones, the community has still remained to keep it as strong as ever. But whether we continue to play Minecraft or not into the coming future should not be the biggest concern for us. We have become family through the years and regardless what happens we always welcome everyone back with open arms. My greatest wish for you all is that we keep in contact as we progress through life, that we may cherish the memories and make new ones for one another. So, as always my comrades, pick up your shield and unsheathe your sword and charge head-first into the adventure that lays before you in this mysterious world.