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6 Years Later: Happy Birthday IC Once Again!


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
Hello my dear friends,

Behold! This month of May marks Iciclecraft's 6 year anniversary, truly a remarkable feat! As the years have gone by, countless adventures, friendships, and experiences alike have occurred. The 1.9 World is already just over a year old, and her big sister the 1.7 World still remains for those who dwell within it and as a symbol of our accomplishments and cooperation.

However my friends, this past year has not been without its struggles. Arguably, this has been our toughest year, with a great horde of our companions drifting away from server activity, leaving many holes in the hearts of our members as the server seems to be left in icy stillness, void of the warmth of its denizens.

But know this: so long as there is at least one of us that still remains, the server will not die out. Now more than ever this community needs its members; the game itself may one day pass but our bonds are eternal and shall not be broken with the sands of time.

Therefore, we will be hosting another grand community build similar to the Christmas roller coaster from a few months back. However this time, the theme will be Iciclecraft itself, whether it be memories of the past, recent events, or how you have grown over time in terms of skill and companionship. We will also host a pixel art build even in creative and minigame events shall ensue as well! @Omio 's idea for the May-June Events will be put on hold for a later time, but look forward to it as well ;) Dates and times will be determined in the near future for all events.

The Iciclecraft community would not exist without you, the players and members who make it up. We cannot stress enough that important role. So from the bottom of our hearts, you all have our most sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all you have done and continue to do. Continue to keep in touch with one another as the years continue to pass, and do your best to live fulfilling lives with your greatest efforts. Thank you all, and lets make this coming year the best we can!

-The Iciclecraft Staff


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Staff member
Aug 8, 2012
The moon
Woop woop, i will make my grant return after i survived the exams hahaha