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8 Years Strong! Iciclecraft's Anniversary


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
Greetings dear friends,

As of this month our server official turns 8 years old! Furthermore, this month also celebrates Minecraft's 10 year anniversary as well. Our 1.13 world is roughly 8-9 months old and our 1.9 world has just turned 3 years old. Sadly we will have to be saying goodbye to our 1.9 world at the end of this month just as we said goodbye not too long ago to our 1.7 world, our longest world at 5 years within the server.

The server has hit some rocky times yet through the determination of its community it has continued to strive forth and breed new life in and outside of the game of Minecraft. Our players have set out in search of new adventures within the world of 1.13, bringing with them old memories, continued projects, and the hope for a new start in virgin lands. Our Discord server is still lively and has seem to be our most active space outside of the game, especially now that we've been able to integrate both of them together. While many of our older playerbase, myself included, have grown up and become busy with our daily lives and with other interests, we still retain our sense of community and belonging, returning from time to time to the warm embrace of our other members.

The ultimate test of any single thing is the battle with time, how long one is able to endure it and accept that things do not last forever. Yet in facing that struggle, Iciclecraft has not only endured but thrived as the years have gone by. The server as been a crucial stepping stone in the lives of its players and so we hold in fond memory as we continue to take each step forward.

As we say every year, with the highest degree of sincerity from everyone among the staff and within the community, thank you for continuing to support this grand experiment. Wherever the road of life takes you, know that Iciclecraft so long as it remains will stand by your side. Sally forth my friends, the dawn of a new day approaches, and we must seize it!

May you all have a bountiful year and the best of luck!
-The Iciclecraft Staff