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A Christmas Surprise


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
Since time began, Mother Earth tilts further from the great fiery flame in the sky and hibernates to the sound of cold winds and frozen weather; thus the season of Winter makes its stage appearance. As she wraps herself in her white blanket to rest for Spring, the slumbering spirits in the hills and forests jump at the opportunity of her diminishing influence on the lands. Joyous in their short freedom, they linger and run amok, sapping the ground of its natural warmth and brew strong storms. They call to the awakened snow spirits in the sky, beckoning them to join them in playfulness on the cool soil. Dash! Dash! They tumble downward, the race ventures on and eagerness takes them. They batter onto trees, homes, and wherever the winds takes them. Finally tired and weary from their fun, the spirits slow their dance until silence remains. The white stillness blankets the field of vision, and slowly those of this realm begin to emerge from the absence of otherworldly things. And so the world remains in pure white bliss until Mother Earth wakens again.

Such is the tale of Winter, and it is told every year as the players gather around the flame. While a new world only calls for hardship, the veteran players were long prepared for all of Winter's horrors and met the challenge with glee. Gathering in the new Spawn, the players took to their usual habits: Americans playing their football in the snow, Danes and Swedes arguing over who opened a can of surströmming, the Dutch playing pranks on the English, and the rest having fun in between. Food and drink are shared, and all gather in the new Admin Shop to keep warm by the fire.

One by one, at the request of the newcomers, the players of old recant the years that had long passed. Many a tale was told: from the Band of the Yogs facing the plight of Israphel to Skylords, Empires, and adventures & worlds that were thought to be long forgotten. Laughs were shared, yet something had been missing. For the past few years, Santa had always made an excuse and seemed to never appear. Yet just as the worrisome players were wrapping up this conversation, a loud thump on the roof jolted their bodies. Curious, they ventured outside to see the commotion.

Lone behold, it was @Bavu Claus himself upon his sleigh! The 1.11 update had revived him and he sought to bring Christmas cheer in person. Jumping from the roof and floating down, he apologized for his absence and went to work! With the snap of his finger and some elves (and some Guppy magic maybe), the whole of spawn was transformed into a beautiful sight with lights, decorations, and a massive Christmas tree at its center. The players were overcome with happiness, but this was only the beginning of the celebration.

Santa now beckons to all of you to journey to the Hub and journey to a Christmas Wonderland, where his Elves have worked hard to create a fun experience for you all. Santa only has three requests:
  • If you are looking to donate towards the server, currently there is a 25% discount! Be sure to enter the code: iciclecraft2017. We appreciate all and any contributions! Keep in mind this discount wont last forever!
  • Be sure to vote for Iciclecraft as much as possible! It helps make you feel better when you get sick!
  • Have a fun and be safe
So from all of us on the Staff team and the community, thank everyone for a great 2016! May you all have happy and safe holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years!!!!