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A New Journey Once More - Christmas 2018


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
The wind continued its relentless assault in a grand campaign to wreak havoc across the dying lands, disturbing the dead trees nearby into an unearthly weaving as the air screamed in agony through their hollow trunks. Aided by flurries of thick snow, the journey ahead was unforgivably blind, with the only consolation of progress being the remnants of footprints. Through the virgin woods and the rocky mountain terrain, the travelers pressed on, for they had no where else to go but forward. Amongst those in this unusual group were battle-hardened veterans, unyielding to the slightest hint of danger but cautious of what was to come: the life-or-death war against Winter. Among their companions however were also a few younglings, unused to the nomadic life cycle every few seasons that their elders had become accustomed to but were willingly eager to seek out the new territory.

As the group of travelers braved onward, their old world began to crumble and would embed itself into the minds and history of their people. Great cities and structures that once housed entire droves of friends, family and companions rotted into oblivion. Ash, smoke, and fire took to the forests as the oceans rose in mighty storms to swallow the coasts and plains. Earthquakes and landslides redrew the landscapes, and the same wind that once calmly kissed the faces of its denizens now harried what little remained.

The following days came and went, and slowly the group of travelers began to grow weary, for sunlight had not beckoned to them beyond the thick fog and darkened clouds. Supplies we're beginning to dwindle and so too with the hope of reaching a new homeland. But the veteran travelers took their companions by the shoulders and reassured them, for they too were once the same timid and inexperienced youth. With morale once more reestablished, the group of travelers made it to their last obstacle through a large mountain pass. Climbing became difficult, and some of their members dwindled and slipped from the great mount back to the Earth. Praying for their safe return one day, the group had no option but to keep climbing and surpass the summit.

At long last, and after a hard, relentless journey unseen in over a lifetime, the odd group of companions rejoiced at the rising sun coating the landscape before them. Untouched, unexplored, full of vast wonder and danger, the travelers were eager to begin anew. One of them called out that a cloud of smoke rising was visible near the base of the mountain. Carefully but with eager tenacity, the group managed to descend into the wilderness. After traveling through the thick wood, they arrived at a small encampment and were greeted by those that had gone ahead long before them.

In joyous celebration, greetings were held, warm embraces and drinks shared, and the sentiment of pure happiness spread throughout. The fire was built, and its flame grew true. Embers flickered into the night sky and out of existence with the same brevity as its sparkle had been born. Stories we're shared once more, and so the strange band of companions begin once more against the cruel but beautiful season of Winter, in the strange land of Iciclecraft.

Once again Iciclecrafters, a new year has come and gone. A new world was born and another one has faded into fond memory (but at least this time we have a world file!!! ;) ). Thus, once again on behalf of the Iciclecraft staff and community, I would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone for being contributors to this grand experiment and to the community. The server does not exist without you, and we wish to continuously remind you all of this, and that we exist beyond the game of Minecraft but to the bonds of friendship forged throughout our lives.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and a general Happy Holidays to everyone! Also a few quick reminders:
  • Be sure to look into the Christmas Village 2.0 thanks to the help from @Xuqi , @GamerGuppy , @Bavu , and other staff.
  • If you are looking to donate towards the server, currently there is a 25% discount! Be sure to enter the code: iciclecraft2019. We appreciate all and any contributions! Keep in mind this discount wont last forever!
  • Have fun and don't open a can of surströmming!
Once again, we wish you the best, and may the year 2019 be a great year for you all!


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