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August Updates!!!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by astrotrain24, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Hey peeps! Thought I'd make this thread to give a few quick updates and news regarding sever information:

    • Thanks to @Bavu you are now able to scroll paintings! No more frustration in waiting for the right paintings to decorate your wall. Simply right click a painting that is placed on a wall and you will be able to scroll with your cursor until you find the painting of your choice, then right click to exit the editor.
    • A brand new Mob Arena will be coming soon in the very near future! For those unfamiliar, Mob Arena features a closed map where you may pick one of a handful of classes in order to face countless hordes of mobs and the occasional floor boss. The new one will be ~2-3x larger than the old version and potentially even more terrifying!!! See screenshot for a sneak peek!!!
    • In the works with @Omio , @Cetec and myself is hopefully a solution to fixing the AutoRank plugin issue that has plagued our server for some time. Hopefully we are able to resolve this soon in order to avoid manual promotion of players when their duly appointed times occur. We will continue to provide updates in the coming weeks.
    • Regarding the 1.13 update as many are now wondering: Nothing final has yet to be decided at this time!!!!!!!!! However we are currently waiting on 1.13.1 for the server to update due to the large quantity of issues regarding the 1.13.0 update at this time, as well as any other necessary plugins that allows the server to function properly. That being said, there is a strong possibility of a new world due to the dramatic amount of changes that comes with the new update. Do not fret over any possible moving situations however, as again Nothing final has yet to be decided at this time!!!!!!!!! and furthermore we have no intention of removing any worlds when we update the server so all your belongings and builds remain safe. More information and final decisions will be announced once we officially update to the new Minecraft Update, so please be patient. ;)
    • What has been decided however is that @Cetec has committed to providing download links in due time to the older worlds for all of the veteran Iciclecrafters and for any other interested. Cetec will update us with more information when these become available!
    We will continue to keep everyone up to date with new server updates and information as our team continues to do its best! I would also like to say how pleased I am to see that the server has been much more active lately (today I saw 10+ people online!) ;) As always, have a good one peeps!


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  2. I’m very excited to see the return of the Mob Arena! I know that was a great attraction for players to go to together in parties and see who could last the longest :)

    The download links will be great too! I’ve been longing to return to the original Frag Town I started in all those years ago ~
  3. Sounds good, glad to see some stuff happening. The mob arena was always fun, no matter the amount of people that joined. I know quite a few people that will be excited to know about the world downloads. Been looking forward to it for a while
  4. Thanks for the info Astro ! This is some exciting stuffs, specially love the comeback of MA. One thing, is it 1.8 ?
  5. For now its still 1.12/1.13 (if it comes out then), but we will consider the 1.8 combat plugin as well, but that will need more discussion. Some issues that might arise include whether we can run it with the server, if it will update with 1.13 plugins, and so forth.
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  6. Is it a possibility to have a part of the server separated so one may run 1.8 version on it? Because from past experience i don't think there's a 1.8 combat plug-in that gets close enough, there's always bugs and quirks that arise when using it, so you replace one big problem by creating lots of smaller more temperamental ones.
  7. That's a Cetec question lol, but we'll see what we come up with
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  8. Fair enough, thanks for the info.
  9. It should be possible to do so I would think, if nothing else someone could modify the plugin to only enable while in the MA. I don't know how easily that could be done though, wouldn't think it would be terrible though.

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