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Charity Fund For Needy Pyros

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Master777Shadow, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Next Level Unlocked! PAAAAAAAANK
    Charity Diamonds Still Availble!

    Our dear friend Pyro has recived a flag for his land of Pyrovia, a sheild to emblazen it upon and an endless supply of fire from the Eternal Flame of Pyrovia. Also Iron Rank but you fine folks of IcicleCraft have probably noticed that.
    There's still plenty more chances to donate to get everyone's pal Pyro
    Gold Rank and the lovly perks that come with it. Like an endless supply of food and a suite in Omio's impenetrable Tower of Zot!

    Remember folks, if we can break 5 Million before the end of summer the Isle de Amanita will be giving out Fabulous Prizes* to all participants, not just our top contributors. Top contributers still get the best prizes though.

    Secondly, to raise a bit more liquid capital for those poor needy Pyros. For a limited time only, Charity Diamonds will be available at the market place for a staggering 42% discount of standard prices. Yes folks for 175G each, just look for the mossy wall under the big helmet. between the quartz tower and obsidian block.
    25% of all profits from the Charity Diamonds will be placed in a community fund, counting towards the total donations and help fund rewards for our top contributers.
    I filled up a small chest last night, can you make me fill it back up again?

    And last but not least, the Isle de Amanita and it's associated Mycolonies are providing lucrative labor oppertunities. Check the discord Trade channel and the shout box for more information, or ask master777shadow for details.

    Stretch goal 5 Steely Resolve: 500k
    Iron Rank for Pyro. Yes, G in IcicleCraft carries
    far less weight than the American dollar... Distant chants of USA! USA! USA!
    But, in great numbers, where ants can move rubber tree plants, so too can virtual currency reach into physical wallets. With this mighty donation, Pyro can finally have for himself a title and the modest powers that come with it, bestowed upon him by the caring people of IcicleCraft.
    We will also trust him with an unbreaking flint & steel and a shield with his own banner to display. So he can spread the spirit of his Pyrovian Nation across the land, for better or worse.
    Yes Cetec I'm footing the bill here. Plz dont hike the price up suddenly. k thx bai.

    Stretch goal 6 Gold Star Effort: 1,000,000G

    We bump Pyro to Gold Member status. In addition Pyro will be delivered a breeding stock of exotic and elusive Mooshrooms* so that he may never go hungry again. Maybe even throw in a fancy fishing rod just in case…
    *Or just a ton of leather and cooked beef if fungal infested cow pens aren't zoned for that massive hole.

    Stretch goal 7 Shine Bright Like A Diamond: 2,500,000

    We let Pyro know we've got his /back with a Diamond Rank upgrade. And we cover the rental costs for the beacons required to speed up Pyro's hole digging, plus set up and tear down.
    Bet we can afford to pay for some slave labor well equiped miners to grind that stone and dirt to bedrock with funds like this too.
    Like. A a bunch of beacons. Quads, the good stuff. Light the whole place up like the Vegas strip on Christmas.

    Stretch goal 8, Beyond The Impossible: 5,000,000G

    As of this writing, Icicle Craft doesn't even have this much money minted in circulation, and over half of it is likely locked away in long forgotten accounts. But I believe in you fine folks, in the great moving force that is the IcicleCraft community spirit. If you can do the impossible and raise up and donate more money than even exists, not only will we have Pyro soaring to new heights with Emerald Rank, but all of his equipment will be ensured for a lifetime guaranteed warranty. That's right folks, all Pyro has to do is offer some shred of proof that these community funded items have been lost or destroyed, and the manufacturer, yours truly, will offer a full and complete* replacement until the end of the world itself!
    *note, infinity bows will be provided instead of the unobtainable mending/infinity.

    Your efforts will be given immortality, and Pyro will never again be left naked, cold and alone. Because he will always have his equipment, and the magic of your friendship imbued into it.

    [Resist great urge to play MLP:FiM theme here.]

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Fungis & Fungals and all members new and old of our fine server.
    I come before you today to draw your attention to our neediest members of this fine community that we have long put our time, blood, sweat, tears, hearts, souls and even physical currency to nourish and help grow.
    But still, many of our less fortunate members struggle, these players, your own server mates whom you choose to spend so many of your leisure hours with. They are hurting, my friends. They struggle with their toils even within our welcoming and friendly blocky lands.

    None should suffer like this, not on OUR server. Not good ol' IcicleCraft. No sir!
    So I ask of you, friends, Romans, Nords, countrymen beyond the boarders of a physical realm even! Show our most unfortunate players that you care, aid them and sooth their suffering. The hands of many can shoulder the burden of another, so that they may come to you when you are in need.

    Today, we focus on this trusted member of our community, a man who has given much and has worked long to make himself a place within our server.

    This is Pyrowarrior99. Often better known as Pyro, far and wide across our fair IcicleCraft. Pyro is a long time member of our proud community since [insert join date or server version here].

    Pyro has fallen on hard times, for months he has not only been without proper shelter, but also naked and with only cheap and rusty tools. And every day he breaks his back, and often times much more, digging a pit so that he may build the foundation for his home. With no armor or shelter to protect him from the elements and the monsters that plague the darker corners of our otherwise brilliant and peaceful lands. Pyro struggles to tame a massive plot of this hazardous frontier, cleansing it with fire so that it's boarders remain safe for as long as it may stand.

    Pyro needs your help folks. Not just in labor, but in offering him the supplies that he so deserves. No member of our community so distinguished as he should be left to wallow in a pit naked and with shoddy beggar's tools.
    That is why I ask you, the fine and generous members of our community, open your hearts and your wallets, to aid our good friend and brother Pyro, for he would surely do the same if you were in such dire need.

    A full suit of the highest quality diamond armor, enchanted with:
    Protection IV to keep him safe from harm.
    Unbreaking III and Mending to make sure it lasts and endures like his devotion to our community.
    Reparation III and Aqua Affinity, so that not even the cold unforgiving depths of the ocean can impede our dearest Pyro in his travels across and within the seas of our server.
    Thorns III upon his chest plate, so that his enemies are cut when they seek harm against our beloved Pyro, and it shall be our wrath unleashed that strikes them down for daring to harm one of our own. May it always be close to his heart, as he is to ours.
    Feather Falling IV and Depth Strider III so that neither jagged cliffs nor raging rivers can impede in Pyro's journeys across this land. With our wills poured into his boots neither the harsh pull of gravity nor the crushing grasp of Poseidon shall hamper Pyro in his endevors in taming the dangerous corners of our lands.
    Pyro. I swear. To every god and demon I don't worship, and all my of ancestors. If you don't take care of this armor, I will put the most powerful curse on you that my discount paper back necronomicon can bestow.
    Glad we had this talk, cheers m80.

    A set of pickaxes of the highest quality. So that the hard stoney earth itself yeilds to his will.
    Silk and Fortune III
    Unbreaking III and Mending
    Efficincy V

    A Shovel and my an Axe. So that the forests and the soil across our server may part to clear a path for his works.

    Silk, because flint is for skrubs and fortune does nothing useful on an axe.
    Unbreaking III and Mending
    Efficiency V

    A beautiful and enchanting crystal quality hoe, named to Pyro's preference, so that he may sow his seeds.
    And also another shovel without silk, in case Pyro actually wants dirt or flint.

    A mighty sword and powerful bow, crafted with ancient and lost magics.
    Sharpness V, to cut down his foes with all of our might.
    Fire aspect II so that his enemies may feel the fires of the nether itself.
    Knockback II so that all those that stand between him and his path be stricken from it.
    Looting III so that his poverty be ended well and truly.
    Sweeping edge III so that those that stand by his enemies are not spared from his righteous fury.
    Unbreaking III and Mending so that his blade may never dull, like his faith in our community.

    Power V to strike down threats to us all that may loom in the distance.
    Punch II so that each arrow carries with it the strength of our own fists, so that we may strike with him in spirit.
    Flame to lighten any dark corridor and set ablaze those that cowardly lurk within to strike.
    Unbreaking III Infinity and Mending to make sure that our friend and ally Pyro is never without bow or arrow to defend himself and others with.

    Fabulous prizes beyond this point!

    Stretch goal 9 waitloluwotmate: 25,000,000
    Suuupeeerr Seeeecreeeet project. Details later.

    All charitable donations are to be sent to and recorded by master777shadow.

    The post below will track every donation for our current charity fund raiser.

    This is a Charity Fund. All proceeds pay for the goals above. Material costs and labor. Once a goal is met the items will be delivered to Pyro ASAP. The charity fund will persist until all goals are funded, or when tracking donations becomes infeasible in parallel with other projects. Let's say around September? Maybe later if steady donations keep coming in.
    Well, giving for a good cause is rewarding in itself. Your donations will be recorded for all to see. All funds raised will also benefit the economic prosperity of the Isle de Amanita, allowing laborers better pay and it's exports to be produced and sold at surplus rates.

    August 21st snapshot total:

    IcicleCraft Community Charity Fund, organized by the Isle de Amanita and associates.
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  2. Currently G is to be sent via the /pay command to master777shadow. Item donations are also to be handed directly to master777shadow.
    Items acceptable in place of G
    ~-~-~-~Precious Materials~-~-~-~
    Lapis Block-10G value
    Lapis Ore- 15G
    Emerald-25G value
    Iron Ore- 2G value
    Gold Ore- 20G value
    Iron Block- 10G value
    Gold Block-100G value

    Hay Bales- 500G per stack
    Potatoes- 60G per stack
    Carrots- 60G per stack
    Melon Blocks- 125G per stack
    Pumpkins- 75G per stack

    Player/Mob Head- 1 Hydrogren (0.01)
    Squid Ink- 50 Hydrogrens (1 hay G.)

    Current Donations: now in order¡
    OUT OF DATE, Full donations tracked via spread sheet. Totals available upon request.

    SpecialAuri: 10,010
    1.75 Stacks Hay Bale
    11.95 Stacks Potato
    26.04 Stacks Carrot
    14.01 Stacks Pumpkin
    18.1 Stacks Melon
    320 Lapis Blocks
    192 Iron Blocks
    64 Gold Blocks
    1728 Emeralds

    ZiiimZooon: 37,290
    9 stacks carrots
    10 stacks potatos

    Mantisropa:21,000 in one whole donation too FREG

    master777shadow: 18935.83

    29.18 Stacks Hay Bale

    Omio9999: 3,505.13
    53 gold blocks

    Astrotrain24: 7,300

    54 stacks carrots
    54 stacks potatos

    Pyrowarrior99: 5,675.06

    Fregaropa: 2,803 over 57 donations.....

    MrEp1c29: 1000

    22 gold ore
    1 gold block

    Hydrilla: 0.1
    384 squid ink

    "hours of her life"

    7.11 Lapis blocks
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  3. Hm, so what's in it for you then out of curiosity :3 Surely you must reap some sort of benefit ;)

    P.S. No way you own a Necrononicon, didn't think they still made those.
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  4. My benifit is the economic boost that the Isle de Amanita and it's properties recive from producing the items that our dear Pyro sorely needs. The later goals may likely be done at cost, but a successful charity event is a reward in and of itself.

    P.S. Yes, it's a paper back copy. Ask at your local Barnes & Nobel.

    P.P.S. I believe that message was for Pyro's eyes only.
  5. gathering up all the coins i have, i will give them to you later, also i will try to help pyro as much as i can.
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  6. Save the pleb!
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  7. 127*60... ...6000+27*60... ...6000+1200+420 = 7620G from carrots/potatoes...

    We're at 47.7K right now, we're SO close to the primaries.

    ...close enough that I might be able to pull it off, soon.
  8. Still plenty of goals to go. I won't say there's no rush, september is a while away, but at this rate we'll struggle to reach those special secret goals.

    Remember folks, if we break 200k your donations unlock some modest rewards for all donators.
    After 5 million? Well. That is a lot of G and Hydrogrens. If I can fully outfit a player on a budget of 200k, think what I could do with 25 times that much?
    How about 125 times that? Do we even have 125 remotely active players?
  9. 7,300 added so you guys should be at you're first goal now.
  10. 2017-06-10_00.18.06.png
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  11. Between that and my contribution tonight, yeah, we've hit the first one.
  12. We are roughly 8K away from getting Pyro a new set of picks, keep putting in those donations folks.
    I think we can make it to those secret stretch goals before the end of the month, and who knows how many of them we'll break before September? Can we find out what the Suuupeeerr Seeeecreeeet project is?
  13. so this is where my fat stores of wheat come in handy. Will try to catch m7 online so i can deliver all dem haybales for da charity
  14. If your ever online when I'm on then I'll donate some stuff
  15. Damn, Auri xD I didn't know you had so many valuables! Sneaky miner up north :p
  16. There's lots of money to be made in farms and villagers Ziiim.
  17. What on earth....
  18. I am glad that i can share some of the stuff i farmed and collected. All the loot has no meaning when its stashed away in some chests and never used!
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  19. 3K? that's a more reasonable sum.
  20. Only if you choose to belive it's not 303k. Or 4,803,000. ;)
    We'll not get ahead of our selves with that 24,803,000 though.

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