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Community Build/Mini-Game: The Maze

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by astrotrain24, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Hey peeps!

    This event will be held for the week of February 12-18, 2017!!!

    As promised, the day has finally arrived to announce the January-February Event! This event shall be the community build for a Herobrine Maze game. The gist will be that we will create a massive maze, full of all kinds of obstacles, booby traps, dead ends, tunnels, and anything you can think of. Once this is complete we will turn it into the Maze game (some of you who are older might think of Prophunt, however this is slightly different).

    The game will comprise of 2+ players at a time and consist of two teams. The first team would be the Players, and the second team would be the Zombies. The Zombies would begin with only one player, and their goal would be to turn all the other Players into Zombies. After a Player has been killed by the Zombies, they turn into one and help the other Zombies to find and kill the remaining Players. The Players can win the game, however, if they survive the time limit (~5-10 min). However details may change depending on what we can do or if everyone wants to change anything.

    More information is soon to follow!

    As a reminder, be sure to respond to sister event: The Tales of Iciclecraft Thread by Omio!!!!!



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  2. Kso, planning stage now. I'll dedicate as a redstoner.

    EDIT: How much time do we have?
    EDIT #2: How much space are we lookin' at, too? Also, how "inhospitable" should this "maze" be?
    #2 Omio, Feb 1, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  3. 1) That whole week will be the building phase
    2) Not sure, but thinking quite large (perhaps 200x200 as an example, but undetermined atm)
    3) I'll leave the level of evil genius to all of you >:D
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  4. Any height limit?
    Don't say that to me - I WILL make it unfair-hard.
  5. Height Limit: No idea, was thinking if we get enough people on board we could make it multiple levels of fun mwahahahaha

    Difficulty: Give it your best shot ;)
  6. Are we all making sections of one maze, or multiple mazes that we put in rotation/random so memorizing the layout is harder?

    Also. Perhaps make the maze in line with map size. 256x256 for 1:2 detail ratio sounds good. Assuming the multiple worlds thing plays nice with maps.
    #6 Master777Shadow, Feb 2, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  7. Alright, planning traps:

    Redstone element: Several "rapid pulser" traps linked to different types of traps (some arrow, some fireball, some cursed equips), doors that might open to trapped chests (which might do other things too)... ...lots of kaizo-difficulty parkour if I can help it... ...a few puzzles, too.
  8. Don't forget spike pits and crushing walls. Maybe a flood room with sharks.
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  9. Make sure they are sharks with lazer beams attached to their foreheads ;)
  10. A water chamber with a guardian in it can be done. >3
  11. me and freg cant be a part of it we will be busy :(

    really wish i could this sounds super fun
  12. Pity; I would've been looking to you guys to see if you can pass sections of it.
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  13. It's the whole week, so even a little contribution still counts ;)
  14. we can join in halfway through i think
  15. Update: The region for building has been made in the Creative World. The area is 13x13 chunks (~208x208 blocks), so it should be plenty of space for the maze! ;)
  16. Alright. Time to blueprint parts together.

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