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I Found the 1.7 Halloween Mansion in Real Life (and it's for sale)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by PsychedelicGoats, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Remember way back during the 1.7 world's time as the main world, when a few of us collaborated with Astro (I think?) on a huge spooky mansion for Halloween, then decorated it for Christmas (I think?) instead?


    I was looking at the latest posts from the Facebook page For The Love of Old Houses, and did a double-take... I instantly recognized the mansion!


    It's called the Carleton Island Villa, and a Google Images search for it reveals plenty of pictures. Sadly, it's been abandoned for a long time and is falling down, but the old pictures are beautiful.
    This mansion is a classic example of American late-Victorian Tudor-Revival architecture. The island is located by the US/Canada Border, where the St. Lawrence River empties to Lake Ontario of the Great Lakes, near the cities of Watertown, New York and Kingston, Ontario.

    It looms eerily behind a more typical and well-kept New York farmhouse.

    As a historic preservationist (I'm actually studying that in college now btw), I'm sad to see the place in such a decrepit condition and unlikely to be standing much longer. But it's so awesome that we have our own version of it here on Iciclecraft! Definitely a keeper for the upcoming memorial world.
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  2. Ye that's the one we referenced remember lol, but cool find. Albeit, not sure if anyone wants an old run-down mansion that's haunted by ghost of the first owner's wife ;)

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