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IC's photography thread.

Discussion in 'Art & Videos' started by Geval, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen from IC.

    This thread is dedicated to sharing ANY picture you guys want to share with the community. From portraits to selfies. landscapes to houseroom party's. The picture's don't need to be executed perfectly, just post what you like to post.

    The Rules:
    - Don't spam to many picture's at once, its more fun posting a few every day than posting 10 at once.
    - Lets save the meme's for the other thread's.
    - No inappropriate content. (obviously)
    - You don't need to be the one taking the picture but you should be involved in some way.

    Let the picture's come guys!

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  2. So to start off:


    I was at an festival called: Bockfest. where you get to enjoy some great bock beer's made by small brewery's.
    While being there we saw an old Yamaha FS-1 moped, the same model my dad used to ride back when he had hair on his head. I hope to own one of those beauty's to in a few years.

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  3. cooooool
  4. Dont be shy guys! Post some of your own to!
  5. This is a view from the mountains when I went up a few weeks ago:
    Also found this in an antique store a few weeks ago Tijs, you might enjoy ;)
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  6. A vury noice car i wouldn't mind having

    Ps ~ i would put spoilers to reduce lag but it doesn't work for me for some weird reason

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  7. I think its called burgundy snail, I'm not sure on google translations :p
    This is taken outside of my house there i live.
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  8. All you have to do is do the brackets for the spoiler box. So would be this:
    [ ] (inside first bracket type "spoiler")
    Inside the brackets include what you wish to include
    [ ] (inside second bracket type "/spoiler")
  9. @astrotrain24 Sexy view! Would love to use that old polaroid to capture it. Shame the film for the older models polaroid camera's are so hard/expensive to get.

    @mantisropa Those lights on the back sure do look awesome. I love old vehicles, camera's etc.

    @Animated_Dragon Yuk, snails. haha, cool picture though!
    Love the sky at the windmills.

    @starsde Where are your picture's at?:p
  10. noice meme

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  11. what i can t really post pics ive forgot how to do it :/
  12. A few photos from when I was at the zoo! :)




    Great thread btw! :D
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  13. Wow, those are some up-close pics!
  14. I like close-up photography :)
  15. [​IMG]

    This is the town where I live in real life. This is cropped from a Google Maps photo sphere I took in February 2015. (That's why it's choppy in places.)
    Most of the buildings were built in the early 1900s. The big courthouse on the right was built around 2010 after the old one burnt down.
    The white building in the middle of the photo burnt down shortly after this photo was taken. The small brown building to the left of the courthouse was recently torn down. The corner brown building has been modified a lot, probably in the 1970s. It used to look a lot nicer.
    This area is only a small fraction of what the town used to be. Almost all of the original buildings have burnt down and never been replaced with anything good.
    Sorry to be depressing, but that's how I feel when I look at almost every old town in America.
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  16. Went by an old path to an old Native American bridge a few towns from me off a main road, apparently its not well known ;)

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  17. [​IMG]

    Me working on my baby.
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  18. @starsde If you'r still stuck at how to post.

    When you upload an image to say imgur you often see a BBCode wich is a link with in front and at the end.
    Example: https://gyazo.com/f8df5c7c3c81f2a9448123e41eec9a86

    If you have a normal link you can press the image button when posting an reaction on here and it will do the job for ya.

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