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Known Issues Thread

Discussion in 'Issues' started by Omio, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. The intent of this thread is to easily catalog all the issues we already know about, and either need more data to fix, or haven't been able to properly devote time to fixing.
    • Lots of mcMMO problems.
    • MobArena doesn't exist anymore. - fixed 13/11/2017 @ ~17:10 EST
    • MobArena doesn't give rewards for Survival.
    • No permission for Lottery.
    • AutoRank isn't working.
    • Discord link uses placeholder text. - fixed 12/11/2017 @ ~18:00 EST
    Last update: 13/11/2017 @ ~17:30 EST
    This list will change frequently, but if your issue's in here, please don't make a new thread - check a previous thread, and contribute to it, please.
    If we've missed an issue, and it appears in this forum, please contribute there, and we'll (hopefully) notice and get to fixing it.

    The equivalent to any other bug-tracker place is "known, confirmed, in progress"
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  2. These are issues that have been fixed more than arguably recently:

    There are no entries yet!
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