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Lucky #7: Iciclecraft's Anniversary!!!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by astrotrain24, May 3, 2018.

  1. Greetings once again my dear friends,

    With this coming month of May we have reached yet another milestone of the server as it turns 7 years old! This is indeed noteworthy as we are among the few servers that can hold such an accomplishment within the overarching community of Minecraft. The 1.9 World is now 2 years old and the 1.7 world is 4.5 as of this thread, our longest world to date with both world still showing signs of life.

    The past year has not been without its own struggles, if not being our most challenging year to date. Many will note that activity on the server has thinned over time. We've also experienced a few changes in staff with our longtime Admin Kate stepping down for a well-deserved break and introducing Omio and Ziiim as new Moderators. Forums itself has also gone quiet with only occasional threads from time to time, some usage of the chatbox, and a status bar that we will fix soon hopefully! ;) We've also had our fair share of members gone inactive or moving on from the server once more this year.

    However on my own accord I apologize most for not helping follow up on the promises made for more events and community projects. We've all become older and we've gotten more busy with Minecraft slowly being pushed onto the back of our minds. I am no exception to this, and I have myself fallen far more inactive on the server than I have in my time on here. Thankfully, most of the community stays in contact on our Discord server, and for that I am grateful. The community remains strong through our contact via all platforms and will remain so as long as that is possible.

    We still receive a few new players and moments from time to time. Pyro's massive hole of 600M is now nearly 75% complete after starting it almost 2 years ago. Jylio's recreation of New York's new World Trade Center and surrounding buildings has progressed as well with the help of other players such as the Ropas. And we all still find time to share stories by the fire and reminisce of times long passed as well as those that are yet to come.

    Perhaps at some point this year we may once again attempt a new community build, and I believe it to be a sound idea for a future endeavor. As a hint, I do know that both Omio and Agent56 have events that shall come to fruition in the near future! ;) However I want to focus on the present and other paths for having community fun, whether it be on Minecraft or rebooting game nights and even perhaps a movie stream night every so often. The possibilities are endless, but these are things that I myself and hopefully everyone else is willing to attempt since our friendship is of a value greater than the game that we share.

    I know this is said year by year and seem jaded, yet it is something that cannot be stressed enough. You, the players, are the community at its core and this has always been the case. We continue to do what we can to ensure that you make the best of your time here. Whether you remain or stay you have a home here, a family you can always come back to with arms wide open. And even as we all tread on in our lives diverging onto our chosen paths, let it be a reminder that we still remain as Iciclecraft.

    May this year be a prosperous year and the ones that follow as well!

    -The Iciclecraft Staff

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  2. gratz!
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  3. O hi there, long time no see
  4. May the fourth be with you all.
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  5. Hallelujah, hallelujah and even more hallelujah
  6. Well put Astro. I remember joining Iciclecraft just a few months after its birth and it DEFINITELY feels like seven years have gone by. We've gained and lost many members but few have ever drifted apart on bad terms. We certainly had a lot of fun in those days and I'm glad the server still exists today. The people that have stuck around up to this point, players and staff alike, will always hold a place in my mind and good memory. :) It's been quite the journey and I feel so incredibly lucky, humbled, and happy to be sharing it with you all. Thank you!

    Also Astro: I would love to hear about another community build and hopefully this time be able to help out. Let me know :)

    PS I plan to return to full activity once finals week (this week) is over for my college. Thanks for the patience and I apologize for lacking in my duties as staff. I will try to become a lot more involved again.
  7. Well written! And on another note, I only have two weeks of the college semester left, so I'll be more active again very soon!
    Has there been talk of a new world with Update Aquatic? It would be sad to see the 1.7 world go (I still have a home set at the house I built when I was a freshman in high school), but Update Aquatic is changing Minecraft so much that I'm finding it hard to imagine not at least having some kind of new terrain generated, if not a new world.
  8. Nothing set in stone. At the very least we'll most likely open up a new resource world. Everything else has yet to be determined.
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  9. 7 years is unbelievable. Thanks for the announcement and wish all the best.
    EDIT: damn that throwback screenshot.
    #9 fregaropa, May 8, 2018
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  10. Have tried to be more active. Also made an effort to invite some new people like a month ago. But since the server has some problems plus little activity, they lose their interest.
    Have written to Cetec regarding the problems but have not received any answers.
  11. Hi, you mustn't be very active yourself; I'm the moderator with console access. Is there anything I can help you with?

    ...sarcastic tone aside, hmu and I'll hook fixes as fast as I can.
  12. 7 years already? :O
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  13. Fast update:

    2x mcMMO XP event on now, for a week!
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  14. Jeez, time does fly. A little late, but congrats. I remember joining IC when I was 12, and that was about 6 1/2 years ago. I've made a lot of growth in that time, and a lot of that is thanks to IC.
    Sorry I haven't been more active heheh, but the past few years have been time consuming to say the least. Not to mention, I don't exactly have a computer that can play Minecraft. Either way, best wishes to everyone! Who knows, maybe I'll stop in and visit the server at some point.

    ~ Senior
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