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Urgent Maintenance - Server updates and more


Mr. President
Staff member
Aug 6, 2012
Gotham City
Everything up and running again!
There will be a planned maintenance tomorrow, primarily to update the stability on both servers and to prepare for the change to BungeeCord on our Survival server, which should give an overall performance boost between the different worlds. More about this when the change will go off.

We have also ordered a new SSD drive for our dedicated box, doubled capacity for upcoming world expansions and it will also provide a good stability to the server in general. The change will go off somewhere by the end of this month or in the beginning of September. More about this when we know the exact date.

  • Date: Tuesday, 18th of August
  • Time: 12:50 CEST (12:50 PM)
  • Estimated Downtime: ~2-3 hours (may be less)
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