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Nether World - A new Town Frontier?

Should we make a Nether specifically for building in?

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Super Moderator
Staff member
Dec 23, 2013
Huntsville, ON, Canada
The poll says most of the thread, but input's always welcome - and speaking of input, here's mine.

For the longest time, the Nether has been a largely neglected, forgotten, and otherwise untouched area, bar for mining resources. A few mob farms have been made, but few bother to stay in the Nether, despite a great feasibility in making the Nether a relatively safe area.

I feel like bringing attention to the dimension is a possibility worth exploring, even if just for the gimmick.

Extending from the response for this, if the Nether becomes loved enough as a dimension to warrant a conservation effort, then the IcicleCraft Staff will be looking into adding a Resource_Nether, just for you all to mine the ever-loving crud out of, and having the current Nether shape into a new frontier of exploration and town-building.

The microphone is now open-floor.


Well-Known Miner
Feb 4, 2014
It would make a rail system for transport a little more feasible if we had a long term Nether. Moving mobs has always been quite tricky.
I assume the nether portals will link to the more permanent Nether, and obviously a giant hell gate would be constructed near spawn to enter the dimension of greedy lost souls.


Well-Known Miner
Dec 28, 2014
At first i would've voted no, just because i don't think anyone would be bothered to destroy any structures you build in the nether, at least that's my experience, but then i thought maybe a bit of change would be nice. I'm also for a resource nether that could be more or less reset once in a while.