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New datapacks!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MrEp1c29, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. I have two suggestions for new datapacks!

    1. Multiplayer sleeping
    I've found that afk players having forgot to do /afk and new players which don't know about /afk have become a problem to many with the new phantoms in the 1.13 aquatic update! To fix this I was thinking the server could have a datapack which requires only 1 person to be in a bed to skip to day.
    Click here to download a datapack for this in zip file type or click here for the website which provides the download.

    2. Reversible recipes
    This was suggested in the general chat room on the discord server, so I created a datapack which includes 4 new recipes which I and I presume many others would find incredibly useful: 1 prismarine brick for 9 prismarine shards, 1 quartz block for 4 quartz, 1 nether wart block for 9 nether wart and 1 sandstone for 4 sand. Reversed, these are all vanilla recipes. Zip file types can't be uploaded on here so dm me on discord for the datapack if you want to add this :)
  2. I added the reversible recipes. Don't need a datapack. Got Craftbook. Also added a few other useful recipes.


    [​IMG] I did not

    It did not want to make them reversible for some reason.

    I'm definitely a no on the bed thing. Not everyone necessarily wants to skip night. Perhaps we could extend day a little bit instead, but that is another discussion.

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