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New Moderator to IC!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Cetec, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. The IcicleCraft staff team would like to welcome our newest recruit, @Omio to the Moderator position!
    We have seen his dedication towards the server and its community and we know that he will be an excellent addition to the current staff team.

    You can find the current staff team here!
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  2. Welcome to the team. Cet's door is on the right, Tij and Bavu's bunks are next door, I think Amelia has a Creeper somewhere in the basement so beware, my train wonderland is upstairs (no touchy), Xuqi has a home theatre next to the kitchen, Guppy's bowl is on the counter next to the router, and knock on Simon's stairwell cupboard if you need maid service ;)
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  3. Congratz on the promotion!
  4. Oh, I didn't even know I had a stairwell cupboard!.. That's nice :) Just keep a safe distance from my strange duck, it tends to quack very quietly against newcomers, so better not walk into him. Btw, Astro is not near his room for about 2-3 hours a day, you can safely walk into his room once he left his room (He leave only once a day). Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight!
  5. I'll get to a more formal speech later, when I'm not like 60+kg of giddy excitement. However, beyond the excitement, I'm glad to be aboard.
  6. I'd like to know who threw popcorn all over my home theatre last night :rage:
  7. upload_2017-11-12_16-24-13.png
    It begins...
  8. Congrats Omio !
  9. Now for the formal part. [Ahem.]

    Dear IcicleCraft Community:

    First, I would like to thank the standing community. Without all of you, IcicleCraft wouldn't be standing - let alone be the lovable quiet community it now is - where it is now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help some of you, in different ways and extents. You'll be glad to know that my capacity to help is only further increased, and I intend to explore every corner of that.
    Second, I would like to thank the staff here at IcicleCraft. I stand by their side and discretion moving forward on a lot of official matters, and I feel that we staff members will be consulting with each other a LOT in the upcoming months, as I prepare to move IcicleCraft forward, in every long-lasting fashion I can.
    Finally, I hope to resume having fun with the community. I originally came here because of a friend. That friend has since left, and I've enjoyed the community even still. Laughs have been shared, there have been times of many feelings and sentiments, and it's my hope that more memories will be made.

    In closing, I hope to improve this community in a progressive fashion - and with your help, it'll be a dream that becomes reality.

  10. Welcome to the team!

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