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Protection for the Dome

Discussion in 'Towns and Projects' started by Animated_Dragon, Mar 14, 2018.


would there be a protection?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I think most everyone know of the Dome arena.

    I am asking nicely for a protection for it.


    First reason. So not people like griefers can destroy stuff. And so not valuable blocks can be stolen.
    2018-03-14_18.25.54.png (just some of the valuable blocks that works as decorations) (there have/is even people that have made a home inside of it. not so appreciated.)

    Second reason. So that players that will use it for pvp/mob arena cant in accident destroy stuff. (there is stuff that can easily been messed up.
    2018-03-14_18.25.06.png (like carpets, someone broke the carpet ontop of that lamp)

    A third reason is that i can turn mob spawning off so players can do pvp without in need of dealing with the monsters (specially slimes)
    2018-03-14_18.23.36.png (And it is easier if all those slimes didnt spawn and trying to kill you every 10th secounds)

    People are welcome to use the dome even if i is in construction. So a warp point can be useful.
    2018-03-14_18.58.15.png (this is what im thinking where the warp will be)
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  2. Alright you're all set, I've added a protected region. I or another staff can add a warp later if you wish, however keep in mind I only created a protection around the arena itself for now and not the rest of your base.
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