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Server Revamp


Staff member
Dec 23, 2013
Huntsville, ON, Canada
I'll be brief, as this was covered far more on our Discord.

The server's been lagging for a long time. People are frustrated with lag, and we've been feeling it, but have felt our hands were tied.

We've since decided to take down the Minecraft server to boil it back down to basics, with a fresher start, and a harkon back to the older days.

Much will remain unknown, as many details are in flux, but this much is certain:
  • We, IcicleCraft, will remain a community. This won't change.
  • Minecraft will be a thing we resume - even if not immediately.
  • We haven't forgotten the donors to this point. Without you all, I wouldn't be nearly as tooth-and-nail about every matter that comes up behind the scenes.
  • We aren't limited to Minecraft, even if it was what brought us all together originally.
Sincerely, thank you for such a wild journey. Take rest while you can, because more is coming.