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Ship building contest

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Animated_Dragon, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Hello faithful friends of iciclecraft!

    I have been thinking on making this contest for a while and now it really happens. So say goodbye to the shore and go out on the sea with a 'Ohoj mates!

    Where does the contest take place?
    The contest takes place in the creative world (on the maze area if the name haven't changed)

    What is the contest about?
    In this contest we are building ships, airships and submarines.
    In this case you are allowed to build 3 builds (one of each type of ship. And if you build one of each you get bigger change to win.)
    The theme is old/fantasy/steampunk. (not modern)
    Rules and such will be in books on the contest area (they will be in front of the spawn point not hard to miss)

    Use your imagination so much as you can. (hint: take a look at pictures and others builds to get inspiration)
    In this contest there is even a little tutorial/hints about building ships.
    With this its not only a contest it will even teach you a bit about ship building.

    Is there prizes?
    In this contest there is 2 ways to win.
    The first way to win is with the best build.
    The 1st, 2nd and 3rd will get prizes in the survival world.

    1st - a lv 4 beacon (beacon, and iron)
    2nd - a beacon
    3rd - 3 diamond and emerald blocks

    The second way to win is with the best ship, airship and submarine build.
    Here i (wardragon9) will pick the best build of each type of the ships and those will be placed in the River Port project.

    I have a friend that want to help me can we team up?
    You can team up up to 2 players but the prizes will not change in this case. (If you team up you need to write both your names on the signs(read the rules book))

    When does the contest start/end?
    The contest starts on November 24.
    December 24 is the last day to start to building.

    The contest ends on December 31.

    Do not forget to have fun.

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  2. Oh, I am DOWN!
  3. I'll be sure to partake ;)
  4. I'm done. When do I get my prize?

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  5. Boi, just Boi.. 10/10
  6. Too modern, please retry. =P
  7. It seems this is another content that died.

    I can assume people haven't got the time because of the Christmas.

    Shall we try this again in january/february? Other suggestions.

    Is there something i should change in the rules? Ship size / theme / other.

    change the winning prizes?

    Anyway for now this will be cancelled until future updates.

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