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Sint Maartenzee (And others!)

Discussion in 'Vacations' started by Geval, Aug 8, 2018.


Are you going on vacation?

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  1. I'll be heading to Sint Maartenzee over here in the Netherlands together with my mom and a bunch of camera's coming September. Will be posting some here after i actually shot and developed them :p

    But what is the point of this thread you may ask? For you guys to show where you've been already or heading too soon. And show some things you've done or are looking forward to?

    For me that must be some lovely view's of the sea during sunrise.
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  2. Make sure you get a picture of getting blown back at the airport beach ;)

    No idea yet, will be looking for something in the coming months to go to though if I can afford it
  3. Currently in San Francisco as of this Tuesday to tomorrow. Flying back into Vegas in the afternoon :p
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  4. Spent almost two weeks in a region of Portugal called Alentejo. Very arid and hot, but overall great little villages and historical sights.

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