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The minecraft life of a senior.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Drsenior601, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Picture a younger senior sitting at his computer, playing the classic single player. Young Senior wanted to do more things than just punch wood and mine iron. That brought me to icicle craft. It's a stupid story, but a story non-the less. Icicle craft was my first server, Fragdempsey the first person I met. It was a slow start, back when the server was called Average Zone. During my time on AZ/IC I saw good times and bad times, I saw the server go from crawling to walking, and now it's even running. The community has grown in size and number and it's truely a heart warming thing. The first town I lived in was the original fragtown. I remember when Amelia absolutely hated me, and now we're like brother and sister. The first town I ever created was mob town (not a creative title I know) I remember sinister and his hacker gang, I remember when Cetec gave me a spawner and then bavu took it (or geval, I can't remember) a lot of my friends left a long time ago, and yes it's a sad site to see, most of them I would never even talk to again. I've made friends and I've made enemies. I remember the first icicle craft website lol. It's been an emotional experience, and I'm sad that I haven't been on recently to support the growth of icicle craft. If you want to know how I found the server: I found average zone on an old minecraft app, I made a list of servers to check out abd average zone happened to be at the top of my list. The players greated me with open arms, I felt welcome. That's something the server has never ceased to do, make players feel welcome. That was almost 5 years ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. We used to go on stupid and crazy adventures, but unfortunately many people left, and now all I do is work of my town methymna. It seems so boring now... I wish people like frag, and n00by came on more often. Oh, those were the days. Icicle craft is and always will be my favorite server, because it's the birthplace of my minecraft life, it's were everything truely began. Thank you, to everyone in the IC community. Especially people like: Amelia, frag, n00by, hockey, shiv, astro, blizz, cetec, sev, bavu, geval, Kate, drake, kitty, smusser and cloak. I apologize if I forgot anyone, my memory eludes me.

    P.S no I'm not leaving lol
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  2. You will be deeply missed. On another note I found the server too from an old minecraft app, back when it was at its 'crawling' stages.
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  3. My goodness, my grammar was terrible two years ago. Also, on that note, did I really type this 2 years ago? Jeez, time really does fly.
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  4. How am I just now seeing this? I really wish we could go back and visit the old worlds, or at least the first one. I'd kill to visit Frag Town again. Now I'm sad thanks lol
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  5. Haha, no problem, man.
  6. Frag appeared ? Do my eyes deceive me ???!
  7. Frag, the ultimate grave digger, welcome back ;)

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