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The Wonderful World of SignShops & Friends

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Master777Shadow, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Hello Funguys, Fungals and various Fauna and Flora. Chances are you've stumbled here because you wanted someone to explain Sign Shops, or you've wandered by because you're curious. One way or the other, you came here for information, and information you shall receive! Now, there is the rather difficult barrier of language to account for on an international server, sometimes English just isn't enough. So, for this tutorial, I've taken/edited several images to demonstrate, in case translations fail.
    Due To Technical Difficulties, Some Visual Aids Will Need To Be Reevaluated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    A Quick Look:
    On the left you'll see an example of how the signs are formatted, on the right is a description.

    Now, maybe you're a bit more technically savvy, playing around with redstone contraptions and devices. Well, lucky for you, Sign Shops has something for everyone!
    Toggle, Device, Deviceon, Deviceoff and Device Item. We'll cover those in another post, along with some neat applications for them, and maybe a few tricks to make them more manageable.
    Basic Setup and Logic:
    So let's set up your basic sign shop, and examine just how things work.
    Step 1. Find a nice place to put your sign. Anywhere you'd like.
    Step 2. Type up the information you want on the sign. [Buy] to offer items, [Sell] to request them.
    Step 3. Set up the chest you'll be stocking, need not be anywhere near the sign. Optionally you may prepare multiple chests.
    Step 4. With redstone in hand, left click/punch the chest(s), then the sign. If you did everything right the top line will turn blue and you'll get a notice of what the shop is selling and the price.
    Step 5. Stock your chest. Doesn't need to be filled, but it never hurts to stay fully stocked. You may want to empty your [Sell] chest, depending on how many items you're asking for.
    Step 6. Remove protection on your sign. That's /cremove. Don't worry, Sign Shops has it's own protection, your sign is safe enough
    Step 7. Test, Always a good idea to make sure something works.
    If you need to expand, you can always add properly set up chests to existing sign shops.

    Now for the mechanics. The chest stores all of the stocking and inventory information, when linked with redstone, the current inventory is what will be sold when the sign is clicked on. If you want to use a single chest for multiple sign shops, you can. Best used for a shop that buys and sells an item, but you can save space if you just can't be bothered to make another chest.
    Obviously, if a [Buy] chest is empty, it's out of stock, and if a [Sell] chest is full, it won't accept any more items. Shops that are set up properly, but out of stock, or full, will show their top line as red, Indicating it requires servicing. The sign will update it's status if left or right clicked on.

    Now, you may have realized that since no information about the items being sold are on the sign, except for what ever the seller decides to leave as a description, this might allow for some underhanded tricks.


    Not to worry, a smart shopper can simply left click/punch the sign, and know exactly what's in the chest, the plugin is nice enough to tell you.

    So that's Buy and Sell, lets continue with Slots. Set up is just the same as Buy and Sell.
    Step 1. Find a nice place to put your sign. Again, where ever it looks nice.
    Step 2. Type up the information you want on the sign. This time [Slot] on the top line.
    Step 3. Prepare your chest, you can also link up multiple if you'd like.
    Step 4. With redstone in hand, left click/punch the chest(s), then the sign. [Slot] in blue will tell you it worked.
    Step 5. Stock your chest. Be sure there's enough of each item.
    Step 6. Remove protection on your sign. Once more, /cremove.

    Slots works by picking a random inventory slot from the linked chest(s). It pays out that item, in the quantity the chest was set up with. If you want to alter the odds, so that each item doesn't have an equal chance of being picked, you can set up with the same item in different inventory slots.
    Slots will be Out of Stock if any one of it's prizes are out of stock, rather than the chest being completely empty, because it's just not fair if you can't win one of the prizes.

    A Quirk to be noted about [Buy] and [Slot] signs. When linking multiple chests to the same sign, at least one of the chests must have all of the inventory being sold, else the shop will technically be out of stock. Thus, a sign shop can sell a maximum of 54 different items, the number of inventory slots in a double chest. Multiple chests are for the sole purpose of providing extra stock, this more heavily affects [Slot] signs, by limiting the odds to under 54:1.

    Now for [Trade] signs. For direct item to item trading.
    Step 1. Plunk down the sign. You should know this by now.
    Step 2. Type [Trade] on line 1. Lines 2, 3 and 4 can be blank, descriptive, or completely unhelpful, your choice.
    Step 3. Prepare your chests. One for the items you want, the other for the items you're offering in exchange.
    Step 4. With your redstone, click on the requested items chest first, then the offering items chest, then the sign to finish. If you did this correctly, [Trade] will be blue, and if you take the items out of the first chest, and use the sign, you'll exchange them for the contents of the 2nd chest. Testing is always a good idea.
    Step 5. Stock up the 2nd chest, the other chest can be emptied to keep things even.
    Step 6. Always remember, /cremove. Only you can use a protected sign, what's the point in trading with yourself?

    Items from the 2nd chest will go into the buyer's inventory, while the payment is collected in the first chest.
    Trade shops will be Out of Order if the 1st chest is too full or the 2nd chest is out of stock.

    Do I really have to explain how a [Jukebox] works at this point? Well I will reguardless.
    Step 1. Find a nice place to put the sign, this is where the sound will originate.
    Step 2. Type [Jukebox] on the first line. Lines 2 and 3 can be anything you want, use your imagination. Line 4 to set a cost, if you really want to charge for it, I guess.
    Step 3. Put in the records you want to be played in the order you want them played. Left to right, top row down to bottom row.
    Step 4. Use redstone to link the chest to the sign,
    [Jukebox] should be blue now.
    Step 5. No, wait. that's it. Right click on the sign to enjoy your music. Right click again to...wait what? Oh, well that sounds...interesting.
    Step 6. Ok, enough of that, I guess we should, unplug this, or something...Oh. Oh dear. That did nothing. why...?
    Step 7. Just...just wait for it to stop...the silence will return. sweet, sweet silence...

    Pictures do very little to explain how this sign works. Test it out for yourself, enjoy.

    Donate and Donate hand are very simple. For donate, follow the instructions of a Sell sign, but replace [Sell] with [Donate] and leave out the price, or add a line of descriptive text, your choice.
    Step 1. Find a good spot to set up your donation Sign, location, location, location.
    Step 2. Type [Donate] on line 1, use lines 2, 3 and 4 to write something witty or compelling to convince people to give away their items freely.
    Step 3. Put in the items in the amounts that you would like to receive, sometimes beggars CAN be choosers.
    Step 4. Use that redstone, you know how. You wanna see
    [Donate] in nice blue.
    Step 5. Empty out the chest, you can't get donations if you've got nowhere to store them.
    Step 6. Unlock that sign, you can't get free stuff if nobody can use the sign. One more time, /cremove.

    Donate Hand is Even easier, almost no set up at all.
    Step 1. you know what you're doing by now, you should know where to put a sign.
    Step 2. Type [DonateHand], Lines 2, 3 and 4 can be left blank, or not, all up to you.
    Step 3. Use redstone to connect to an empty chest, or a few.
    [DonateHand], hopefully in that lovely shade of blue.
    Step 4. Unlock that sign. see, told you it was easy.
    Sends the whole stack into the chest, so do be cautious when donating.

    Quirks of Donate, and probably Sell also. If you've linked multiple chests, and they're mostly full, and you're asking for multiple stacks, the items will not disperse through the multiple open slots between the chests.
    Also, you cannot offer redstone or dyes to [DonateHand]. It's a quirk of the programming, if you want those make a specific [Donate] sign for them.

    Dispose Signs require minimal setup.
    Step 1. Place a sign with [Dispose] on the first line.
    Step 2. Punch with redstone and you're done. The sign is functional. Way easier than cactus and lava, and so much safer to remove and walk around.
    Be warned, this will destroy the entire stack selected in your hand.

    Bonus Fact: SignShops are very particular about Damage values and NBT data. So while setting up a shop for enchanted armor and tools would be exceptionally tedious, because every damage value and enchantment combination is functionally a different item, the shops also remember named items and the writing, titles and author of books. Yes, you can sell copies of your own ingame novels now.

    Posting as is for now, more to come later. Enjoy.
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  2. Nicely done, Master. This should clear up any confusion about the plugin now. :pompous:

    Psst, you spelled "really" wrong. :facepalm:
  3. Amazing work @Master777Shadow! :D This will surely come in handy for those who are new to this plugin!
  4. The spelling mistake has been banished from time and space.
    As a bonus, have the images for the [Trade] sign and asymmetrical chest stock.
    This is how NOT to link 2 chests to a sign, note that at first, the sign indicates it has been set up properly, but attempting to use the sign shows it is Technically Out Of Stock!

    To fix this, at least one chest, but preferably all linked chests, should be properly stocked with all items the shop is selling.

    Trade shops can be used to trade items directly, without using currency. You could probably use named items or written books for IOUs or Loans, or for a full inventory swap even, for whatever situation you'd know a player's full inventory, maybe an adventure map I suppose?.
    Position of the chest and sign is, in every case with this plugin, unimportant. What determines the Request and Offer chests is the order you link them in. First chest is the items you want to receive, 2nd chest is the items a player gets.

    The result of a successful trade. The request chest, 1st linked, will store the items, while the player using the sign gets the offered items from the 2nd linked chest.
    (No, it doesn't end Mob Arenas.)

    For some clarification:
    When updating a shop to add a chest, it can be empty, and should be if you're only using it for more inventory space. If you put items in the chest, it will update the shop to sell those items. Even if they're the same items you're already selling, you'll just be selling more at once.
    Also, you can remove chests in the same way, by punching the chest with redstone, then the sign.

    And as a very special holiday Bonus for Cetec, and potentially everyone else, The plugin allows for custom commands to be added to the config.
    Having never managed the plugin as an administrator, I can only imagine how useful this might be. With access to multiple lines in the config, and it's own variables, one could summon multiple preloaded command blocks around the player/sign, simply by placing a sign with [X] on the first line and right clicking it. Surely there is great potential in this feature.
    But it could be hilarious to create trap sign commands that strike players down with Thor's Wrath or a hail of exploding chickens.

    Tune in next time for more! We'll have some tips and tricks for working with redstone.
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    Dusting this off a bit. This post will be reserved for more features of sign shops, mostly permissions and sharing. Maybe some redstone, we'll see.
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  6. Ooof. Yeah. I suppose this does need an update...loooong over due.

    I'll add that to the list. We'll shoot for spring but hope for Groundhog's Day.

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