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'Twas the night before Christmas...


Staff member
Sep 15, 2013
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land,
Not a single player stirred, anticipated sleep at hand,
Eager for the snowy dawn to rise,
Hopeful of presents, a great surprise!

The season of Winter had come at last,
The members of Iciclecraft wished it not to pass,
For many snow fights, angels, and forts were to be done,
From the first morning light till the setting of the sun!

Quickly, quickly! The players rushed to play,
That silly game called Minecraft, every hour of the day,
Even after a whole new year, more creations were built,
Too many to count without feeling some guilt!

The great Devilish hole of 600 meters,
Lay dormant and hollow, yet retained windy whispers,
Up in the highlands by the Tower of Zot,
Many redstone contraptions were to be planned, perhaps an evil plot?

Dragon's Arena, all readied for battle,
Only some of her builds however, especially the Creative world castle,
But be sure to fill yourself with some more cheer,
Read her comics, you can check them out here! ;)

Over through the Pinewood forest, certainly there's a naughty train,
Intentionally been slacking, in hopes of coal to keep warm in the rain,
And let's not forget the Hydrillla that once lived near Spawn,
Too fed up with newbies, now has new home to watch the seaside dawn!

I hear there's been a few missing persons here or there,
Guppy out of his bowl, Xuqi napping, and some say Tijs was eaten by a bear!
The server owner has been sneaking in the shadows, avoiding Batman where he can,
I last heard he traveled to the Ikea, how common for the typical Swedish hiding plan!

Lets not forget those silly Danes however,
Perhaps they've been the most clever,
Spending most of the day entirely Steaming away,
CS:GO for Simon, and Kate causing havoc on GTA!

But don't think that I have been so rude as to forget,
Those meddlin' Portuguese brothers, not yet, ;)
Ropas for hire, take the chance if you care to dare,
If worst comes, be sure to pack some new underwear!

Now have I missed anyone? A goat made of spaghetti perhaps?
O well, I guess he's having fun running Cornell track laps,
Perhaps that fellow with the many skyscrapers?
He'll do well if he stays away from the rafters!

Night is still present, I hear not too far away a half-creeper approaching,
Fear not, its only Amelia, and I see a Doray behind following,
And if you sit in the right spot on a far away shore,
You might see lights on the Isle de Amanita, M7's decor!

Finally, be sure to thank Bavu for Christmas fervor,
For the Spawn is festive with all the right decor,
Presents, elves, and holiday lights,
Even Santa's sleigh has stopped for the night!

Forgive me if I have missed anyone else on the server,
Surely there's too much to know, and describe any further,
But rest assured, we're not done with this thread,
Don't worry just a few minutes longer, then back off to bed!

So, some might come to ask, and with good reason,
What sort of present will Santa grant to end this season?
Sit right there and lend me your ears,
I'll say it straight and relieve your fears!

Santa spoke with the staff members, and all agreed,
Now was the time to let everyone free,
So with a clap of his hand (and Guppy magic too),
Everyone was granted flight, yes even me and you!

But that is not all, the fun has only just unraveled,
Coming soon, a new community project to be started,
There will be a new goal: build a new 1.9 world Spawn!
More details in the future, so don't bug about it from hereon! ;)

Finally, from Santa, the staff, and myself,
We wish everyone Happy Holidays, and put anger and sorrow on the shelf,
Now is the time to enjoy one another, love and share,
So be safe, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and remember to always care! ;)

Also don't forget, that voting for Santa helps him feel better!
Use the shop code: iciclecraft2018 , remember it down to the letter!
Thank you all for another wonderful year!
Be ready for 2018! Cheers!

-IC Staff


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