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Basic Commands

Jan 2, 2017
Basic Commands
  • Basic Commands:
    • /online (/list) - Shows the current online players!
    • /motd - Shows the message of the day!
    • /spawn - Teleports you back to spawn!
    • /mail - Allows you to send & receive mail!
    • /msg (Or /tell) - Send a private message to another player!
    • /reply (Or /r) - Replay to your last message!
    • /balance - Check how much money you have!
    • /balancetop - Allows you to view the players with most money!
    • /pay - Pays a specified player from your balance!
    • /worth - Displays how much an item is worth!
    • /requests - See active teleportation requests!
    • /tpaccept - Accept a teleportation request!
    • /tpreject - Reject a teleportation request!
    • /home - Will teleport you home!
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