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Jan 21, 2017
  • We no longer use this plugin, see Sign Shop instead.

    How to Setup a ChestShop

    1. Place a chest (can be a double chest)
    2. Place a sign on wall directly above chest with the following format

    B <price> or S <price>
    <item name or id>

    Every shop sign you make will cost you 8 Gold.
    There is 0% tax on all transactions.

    To get an item name or ID, hold the item in your hand and use /iteminfo

    Items that cannot be sold at shops include:
    - Written books, these can be sold but they will become blank once they are sold.
    - Enchanted books

    How to buy from Chestshop
    • Right-click the sign above the chest.

    How to sell to Chestshop
    • Left-click the sign to sell.
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