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Jan 3, 2017
  • Useful FAQs in IcicleCraft

    Where do I build?
    • You may build anywhere 100 blocks from spawn or perhaps join a player ran town (reminder that you must be invited by a mayor or town assistant)

    I'm lost. What should I do next?

    • Use the command /spawn to teleport to our spawn-hub. Remember that we will not teleport you to your home or an open place to start building, explore and find those areas yourself. Trusted Rank or above got access to /sethome. Remember that you can still use beds to set your home, this is available for everyone.

    How to earn money?

    • At our spawn you will find the starter shop, were you can buy easy equipments to start your journey and explore new landmarks. Near spawn there is lots of shop stalls. You can sell materials you've collected to these shops exchange for ingame money. After you could run off and start your own shop and make even more money.

    How to get new stuff?

    • This is the same as everybody else, after you've bought our starter gear your ready to hit the outside. Go create a mine, kill mobs, or perhaps buy it from our shops. Also remember to check out /kit to see what kits are available to you. Donators get special kits that have better equipment and items.

    Can I become Staff?

    • Just to start answer this as quickly as possible. We never make users OP's and we never promote users to Staff because they ask for it or want it. Staff members are approached for their positions because they are helpful to all users by answering questions about our server.
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