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IC Rulesbook (English version)

Jan 5, 2017
IC Rulesbook (English version)
  • The Official IcicleCraft Rules
    ~By DrakeFlyte

    Short Rules list:

    • Don’t Grief
    • No Spamming/Ads
    • No excessive caps
    • No Mods or Hacks
    • Don’t Swear
    • Don’t Steal
    • Don’t ask for Items
    • Don’t ask for Ranks
    • Don’t ask for tp’s
    • Use Common Sense
    • Have Fun on IC

    Rule 1: Do not Grief!
    That means, don’t break blocks/items that other people have placed or mutilating their buildings by placing blocks near their property without their consent. We aren’t a raiding server.

    Rule 2: Do not cheat using Mods or Hacks!
    Client-side mods, and in specific those that give you an unfair advantage above other players or undermine the survival aspect of our server, are not allowed!

    Rule 3: Do not Swear!
    Do not use swearing or offensive language on the server. It’s rude, uncalled-for and likely to make you very unpopular all round. This includes racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks!

    Rule 4: Do not Steal!
    Players work very hard on this server to get the items/blocks they need. Don’t take anything from anyone unless they explicitly tell you that you can! Stolen items includes animals!

    Rule 5: Do not ask for (spawned) Items!
    We’re a survival server! Which means if you want something, you have to brave the Wilderness in order to obtain it. You can trade items with other players or with admin store.

    Rule 6: Do not ask for Ranks or Staff Positions!
    We have a strong staff team existing of players from all time-zones. If for any reason we’d like to expand our staff team, players that got our interest will be notified.

    Rule 7:
    Do not ask for teleports!
    Don’t ask staff for tp’s to persons or locations. Neither spam other members to get where you want to go. Notch gave you legs, our server gives you a dynamic map (DynMap), so use them!

    Rule 8: No Advertising, Spamming, or Abundant use of Caps!
    Don’t advertise. repeat yourself over and over, or excessively use caps! It’s not necessary, and sure to earn you a mute or even jail time.

    Rule 9:
    Use your Common Sense!
    Now (that) the fundamental rules have been laid out we expect you to use your common sense on matters that these rules do not cover. If you are in doubt ask the community!

    Rule 10: Have Fun on IC!
    We want this to be a place for people to play the game, make friends, build amazing things and have fun. Your cooperation is appreciated and enforced. :)

    ~The IcicleCraft Staff Team
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