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Industrial Rules

Aug 21, 2014
Industrial Rules
  • Our industrial server rules are a little bit more strict due to the nature of all mods.
    • Every main server rules applies.
    • All bans are shared between our servers and that if you get banned on either, you lose access to them all.
    • No duping or exploiting, if you find a bug you report it. Abusing any bug may get you banned from our servers.
    • Turn timers, engines and complex machinery off when offline
    • Using smooth cobble generators to bypass cobble generators
    • Do not allow items or electricity to loop in pipes or cables
    • Do not leave liquids in RP or BC tubes
    • Do not block off nether portals, they must be public
    • Put signs around zapper upgrades and tesla coils
    • Do not bypass restrictions such as timers and block breakers

    • Do not build anything near the spawn, as it hinders expansion. Build atleast 250 blocks away from any town or spawn areas. You can check your coordinate using F3, /whereami, & minimaps.
    • Make sure you do not build right next to someone. They might have had plans to expand their buildings. Try to stay about 100 blocks away from another player unless both of you agree to build closer to each other.
    • While it is not a rule, it is considered appropriate to fence off your areas so that people know it is yours and it get's harder for mobs to get in. Remember that the difficulty is double as high as the main server. Dirt is definitely not an acceptable item for fencing off your area.
    • All walls/fences must have a entrance (meaning door or pistons, etc.), it may be protected if you want with /cprivate remember to also place a sign near the door to explain to the player who owns the fenced off area.
    • Do not trespass. If there are no signs saying you are allowed to enter, assume you are not.
    • You can enable or disable PvP with a simple command ingame: /pvp on | off.
    • If you want to gather resources using Quarries and other useful tools, enter the Resource World. The teleport is located at the main spawn.
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