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Jan 3, 2017
  • The lottery is an easy way to make some more money ingame. The more people attending to the lottery the more money gets in the pot. The more tickets you buy the bigger becomes your chance to win. But be always careful, this is very addicting and you might even lose your money as quickly as you earned it.

    Price: 15 Gold/ticket

    How to buy tickets:
    You buy tickets by typing:
    /lottery buy <amount>
    The amount is the amount of tickets you want to buy.

    How to see who won the latest lottery's:
    You can see who won the latest lottery's by typing:
    /lottery winners

    How to turn off the lottery messages?
    You can do that by typing:
    /lottery messages

    How do I claim my reward?
    If you were online when you won you will claim it automatically. If you weren't online you have to use this command to claim it:
    /lottery claim
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