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Loyalty Points

Jan 2, 2017
Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points, also known as LP are a system to enhance the economics ingame and to let our normal players buy the commands & permissions available for our donators.

    How do I make Loyalty Points?
    There are currently 3 different ways in earning LP. First is through voting, here you can receive 3 LP/vote. Secondly you can receive LP by referring a new player to the server, which gives you 50 LP (note that the referred player has to receive the Veteran Rank before you will receive your points). Third and last most common way is by receiving LP through playtime on our servers. Here you can receive 1 LP/hour.

    Why do I need Loyalty Points?

    In order to fully compile with Mojangs UELA the LP system got created. You can now use your LP to buy the commands & permissions available for our donators. Click this link to check out the LP Shop!

    Loyalty Points Transferring:
    You can at any time check the totalt amount of LP you currently have with the command:

    Remember that earned Loyalty Points are unique to you and are not transferable to another player.
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