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Jan 3, 2017
  • The goal of mcMMO is to take core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them into add an extensive and quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO has been carefully thought out and is constantly being improved upon. Currently, mcMMO adds fourteen unique skills to train and level in.

    Gathering Skills

    Leveled by: Digging dirt/gravel/sand with a shovel.
    Benefits: Higher levels allow you to gain treasures whilst excavating such as gunpowder, ingots and potion ingredients.

    Leveled by: Fishing!
    Benefits: Higher levels allow you to gain treasures whilst fishing such as enchanted armour and weapons.

    Leveled by: Gathering crops.
    Benefits: The higher your herbalism level the higher the chance of getting double the amount when gathering crops.

    Leveled by: Mining stone/ores with a pickaxe.
    Benefits: The higher your mining level the higher the chance of getting double drops. It also increases the length of super breaker.

    Leveled by: Chopping down trees with an axe.
    Benefits: The higher your woodcutting level the higher the chance of getting double drops. It also increases the length of tree feller.

    Combat Skills

    Leveled by: Hitting mobs / players with an axe.
    Benefits: Increased damage from axes. Increased chance of critical hits. Higher damage to armour.

    Leveled by: Hitting mobs / players with a sword.
    Benefits: Increased chance of counter attacking.

    Leveled by: Shooting mobs / players with a bow and arrow.
    Benefits: Increased damage. Increased chance of dazing other players.

    Leveled by: Taming wolves.
    Benefits: Smarter wolves. Extra health & damage.

    Note: You cannot gain exp from mobs that spawn from spawners - Only natural ones!

    Misc Skills

    Leveled by: Taking fall damage.
    Benefits: Increased chance to dodge attacks. Take less damage from falling.

    Repair / Salvage
    Leveled by: Repairing items on emerald blocks or salvaging items on gold blocks.
    Benefits: Higher chances to keep enchantments and restore more durability.

    Party Commands
    /party create <name> - Creates a new party with the given name
    /party join <name/playername> - Join an existing party
    /party quit - Leave your current party
    /party invite <playername> - Invite another player to your party
    /party accept - Accept a party invite
    /party teleport <playername> - Teleport to another player in your party
    /party expshare - Allows you to enable exp sharing within your party members
    /p - Toggle party only chat on/off

    General Commands
    /mcstats - Shows you your current exp / stats
    /mctop <skill> <pagenumber> - Shows the leaderboards for a current skill
    /inspect <playername> - Shows the stats of the given player
    /<skillname> - Shows detailed information about the given skill

    McMMO Level Caps:
    • Acrobatics: 1500
    • Archery: 2000
    • Axes: 2000
    • Excavation: 2000
    • Fishing: 800
    • Herbalism: 2000
    • Mining: 2000
    • Repair: 1500
    • Salvage: 2000
    • Smelting: 1000
    • Swords: 1500
    • Taming: 2000
    • Unarmed: 2000
    • Woodcutting: 1500

    Maximum McMMO Power Level: 20800 (Smelting/Salvage is not included as its a child skill - Means it doesn't count for your total Power Level)
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