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Mob Farm Rules

Jan 2, 2017
Mob Farm Rules
  • AFK "Guidelines" are now to be accepted as rules. For those of you unaware of what these guidelines entail, they are that:
    • We kick players below rank veteran if we feel they are rank AFK-ing.
    • We kick players that are absurdly long AFK
    • We kick players that seem AFK for long time and/or seem to be in a dangerous area
    • We kick players when the server is relatively full to save memory.

    Another anti-AFK plugin will be installed to combat anti-AFK pools, rails, and such mechanisms. This will be installed within the next few days.
    Before this thread is ended however, we wish to reassure a few points:

    What about Mob Farms?

    • These new rules will not affect mob farming, as they are targeted towards preventing their abuse by long periods of AFK. We continue encourage all creativity with mob farms, be it using redstone prowess or simple, manual use.

    How else will this affect IcicleCraft?
    • Overall, these changes should have very minimal affects on the majority of all players. These changes are targeted to preventing the extremes of AFK. AFK-ing for a decent amount of time, such as 20-30 minutes or so, for using a farm, is still acceptable, but several consecutive hours of AFK is no longer tolerated. We continue to encourage everyone that, while using any sort of farms or choosing to AFK, that they may simultaneously participate in game, which essentially everyone does.
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