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Jan 2, 2017
  • MobArenas are small arenas that you can join with other players to test your endurance and fight against all types of mobs until the death. They are also a great option if you are looking to level up your mcMMO skills. Once you've joined an arena, you have the option to choose one of six classes (sets of gear) to use inside. Just right click the wooden sign of whichever one you've chosen, and click an iron block afterwards to ready up! Once everyone is ready, or the timer has run out, you will be placed inside the arena and the slaughter will begin! Each wave of mobs will get harder, and as you beat them, you will occasionally be awarded prizes. After you've died (or beat the arena) and are in the spectating room, you can view the leaderboards to see what wave everyone's made it to and who got the most kills. Once you've left, your prizes will automatically be added to your inventory and you can enjoy your winnings!

    Available Classes

    • Warrior
    • Guardian
    • Hunter
    • Archer
    • Chemist

    /ma j - Joins the specified mob arena.
    /ma s - Enters the spectator area of the specified mob arena.
    /ma l - Leaves the arena
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